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Updated Tapestry is now LIVE!!

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We are delighted to tell you that the much anticipated updated Tapestry is now live! This is the culmination of many months of very hard work by the Tapestry developers and the whole FSF team and we are very excited about it - we know you will be delighted with it. We have listened to all the suggestions that have been made through support tickets and through the 'Weavers future developments' area on the FSF and we have put in many of the enhancements you have asked for to make things better for you. We will continue to collect your ideas and suggestions and will continue to make improvements to Tapestry. You can leave your ideas here on the FSF. If you are currently using the original version of Tapestry you will be moved over to the new version in time - we will make sure that the transition goes smoothly, so don't worry. If you start a Tapestry trial from now it will be on the updated version. Tom posted a detailed explanation of the changes last week if you want to know more about it. You can read his post here. There is a forum discussion area for 'Updated Tapestry' users if you would like to chat about it or ask each other (and us!) any questions - we're all really keen to help you out. 

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