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Update -Tapestry Issue 9th January 2016

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To update you on our server failure on 9 Jan:

We have been working hard to not only understand what happened but also to prevent it from happening again.

At 2.48am on Saturday morning, one of our servers crashed. When it automatically rebooted, it didn't connect to one of our media servers correctly. The server attempted to automatically recover from this and in doing so, it started copying files in the wrong direction. This meant it overwrote some uploaded pictures and videos.

We have fixed the cause of the server crash, and the cause of it failing to connect to the media servers correctly.

We are restoring all the files from our backups, which will recover everything that was uploaded before Friday 5am.

Please accept our apologies for the data loss and inconvenience over the last few days.


Tapestry technical team

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