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Update on Tapestry data restoration

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Update on Friday 15 Jan 10:00

We believe that we have restored all the missing pictures and videos from our backups. If something is missing, please email us. Please accept our apologies again.

A short explanation of where your pictures and videos have gone.


A server crashed early on Saturday morning. This means that many observations are missing pictures and videos. We are 60% of the way through restoring them from our backups.


This is the first time this has happened to us, and we are very sorry for the problems this causes.


When will the pictures and videos be back?

They are back for some people now and should be back for everybody by the end of the week. You can follow our progress here.


Has any data been lost permanently?

Some pictures and videos added on Friday may be lost. We will confirm this once the backup restoration is complete.


Has any data been made public?



Were any of the observations lost?

No. All the notes and assessments were unaffected.


Is anything else impacted?

Yes. You can't generate pdf journals at the moment (because they link to pictures) and you can't edit logos or pictures of staff,

parents or children. We will turn this back on as soon as we have restored everybody's pictures and videos from our backups.


Were you hacked?



Why did this happen then?

A server crashed, and as it automatically recovered it did the wrong thing. Click here for more details


Best wishes


Steve Edwards and the Tapestry technical team

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