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During the next week (weekending 29th November 2013) we will be updating Tapestry to include new features and functionality. Current subscribers need do nothing - their Tapestry accounts will automatically be updated.

A brief account of the new features is included below:

  • Persistent groups - will allow you to create your own permanent groups, and also to enable you to add more than one keyperson to a child. You can thus create different classes (for example in a multi-class entry primary school). You'll also be able to perform analysis on these new custom groups to compare against other groups.
  • Events log - a screen to show a list of most individual events that Tapestry allows - eg adding a child, adding/removing a child to a keyperson, adding a child to a new group, etc.
  • The font used for notes is popular with some but not others. Now you can select one of six fonts to use in the notes area.
  • Analysis has been moved out of the management area. Staff can now therefore also use the analysis area, and the manager can permit or deny access to individual staff via the staff management pages.
  • The three assessment types (EYFS, Leuven, Characteristics of Learning) can now be individually deactivated for those who do not wish to use any or all of them.
  • The three assessment types (as above) can also now be made visible/invisible to parents individually.
  • Permanent deletion of children - the new category of deleted children which was included recently will now be 'switched on' so that children marked for deletion will actually be deleted. Currently they are showing the 30 day countdown but not being deleted from your database.

A number of less important changes and bug fixes are also included.

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