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From the 1st December 2013, the price of a Tapestry subscription will increase as shown below.

**NB** Current subscribers to Tapestry, ie those who have a subscription that began prior to 1st December 2013, will be unaffected by this price change. Any renewals over the next year will be charged at the same price as their initial subscription.

Over the last year we have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm with which Tapestry has been greeted, and are very grateful for the suggestions for features and refinements that have been offered. This has meant that Tapestry has become a very different creature from the simple learning journal it started out as. The introduction of analysis, and different types of assessment, varied views of the data and many other features, have ensured that Tapestry has rapidly evolved in sometimes unexpected ways.

In order to facilitate the continued development and support of Tapestry into the future, we have made the decision to increase the prices as shown. However, we also want to respect those who have placed their trust in Tapestry over its first year of existence, which is why we made the decision to freeze their subscription price for at least another year.

If you're not a current member of the FSF and want to know if your Local Authority has arranged free access to the FSF, please visit this page, which lists the relevant LAs and gives relevant information on how to join.


  Cost of



VAT Total Tapestry

price to


FSF Member

Cost of



VAT Price



Total price of Tapestry

Package & Subscribing

to the FSF

Up to 12 children £30 £6 £36 £20 £4 £24 £60
Up to 40 children £40 £8 £48 £20 £4 £24 £72
Up to 60 children £60 £12 £72 £20 £4 £24 £96
Up to 120 children £120 £24 £144 £20 £4 £24 £168
Up to 180 children £180 £36 £216 £20 £4 £24 £240
For  180 - 240 children £250 £50 £300 £20 £4 £24 £324


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