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On Saturday 9th January we became aware of a number of Tapestry users reporting that photos and videos weren’t available. On investigating we discovered an issue with one of our media servers, which had resulted in data loss. We took Tapestry down and, after further investigation, decided that the safest course of action was to restore the entire server from a recent backup.


The restore process is currently underway (Sunday am). We will be bringing Tapestry back up shortly. However the restore process will take some time to complete, and until this has finished (it may take a few days to completely restore) you will notice that certain media are missing from your Tapestry account:

•             Setting logos may not be present until the restore process completes

•             Parent and staff profile photos may also not be present until the restore process completes

•             Photos and videos in your observations from 20th November onwards will not be present initially but will re-appear as the restore process continues.


However, a certain amount of data will not be recoverable due to the gap between the last backup and the time the technical issue arose. Videos and photos taken on 8th January are unlikely to be recoverable. Observations, including notes and assessments, to which these media were attached should be unaffected.


We’re very sorry for the frustration and inconvenience that many of you will be experiencing as a result of this issue. We know how important your Tapestry data is to you, and work extremely hard to ensure that it is safe and accessible at all times. This is the longest period of unavailability of the Tapestry service we have ever experienced, and the first time we have found ourselves with permanently lost data. Our investigation of the reason for the technical issue is ongoing, and we will let you know as soon as we are confident we have found the cause. We are also planning improvements in back up scheduling, and researching distributed media storage to further reduce the chance of this occurring again.

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