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New system for creating pdf files of your learning journals

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Just to let you know that we've now switched in the new system for creating PDF files of your journals. It looks very similar to the old one, so you shouldn't find it difficult to use. However, it has the following extra features, which we hope you'll find useful:

  • Table of contents - you can reference by page number rather than observation title, or exclude a contents table altogether if you wish. This is useful because now more than one observation can fit on a page (see below) it can shorten the table considerably.
  • One limitation of the old system was that extremely short observations would still take up a page, leaving a large amount of white space. You now have the option of allowing more than one observation on a page. Observations will split over a page, but in hopefully sensible ways (ie you won't get headings divorced from the following content).
  • Observations are split quite clearly, with a horizontal graphic separating them.
  • The old system used to find it difficult to cope with larger journals, making it necessary to split the production of journals. This should now be largely overcome.

Hopefully you'll find this enhancement of the creation of Journal PDFs useful. Let us know what you think! :1b

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