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Just to let you know that updates to the two apps have been released. The Android one is already available on the Google Play Store, and the iOS one will be available from the Apple App Store early part of next week (Apple take longer to approve and make apps available). You should find the apps update automatically unless you have this turned off. The update adds the 'comments' functionality, so parents and staff can reply to observations. It also fixes the issue which allows staff to approve observations even if the setting has this option turned off. If you haven't already done so, please go and download the guide leaflets from the resource library. They are useful A5 sized double sided PDF files that you can give out to parents or to staff who are new to the app. We strongly recommend that you use these apps to upload observations if you're using a tablet or mobile device. They are much more efficient than the browser access to Tapestry that some of you use (Chrome or Safari). :1b

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