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Welcome to this week’s coffee break. Take a moment to ponder: what is reflecting and why should it be part of our daily practice?


·       Reflective practice is a mindset. Thinking about it like this can help educators to see reflecting as a way of being rather than something extra to do in an already busy day. It is how we look at our own practice, the ethos of our team, and the learning environment as a whole to constantly improve and support positive outcomes for children, families and staff.

·       Reflection is ongoing. It is a journey of thoughts and actions.image.png

·       Reflecting is about asking why and how?

·       It requires mutual trust and respect. Reflecting relies on positive working relationships and an understanding that your workplace is an open, non-judgmental space to review and evaluate.

·       Reflection is about celebrating what has gone well and building on this. Early Years educators are constantly striving to improve so that they can give the children in their care the best possible start in life. Looking for what works, and seeking to develop that, is good reflective practice.


·       Reflecting encourages staff to talk about their pedagogy and practice – what they are doing and why they are doing it. It helps to focus and reminds you of the purpose of what you are doing.

·       There is an increasing emphasis on professional development in early years settings. Reflecting on ways you can improve your own practice and how you can develop the practice of your team will naturally lead you towards the CPD (in-house or external) that would benefit you and other members of staff.

·       Reflection allows staff to become involved in their own professional development and in shaping the ethos of the setting. Feeling valued in this way supports staff wellbeing.

·       In the end it always comes back to the children and their families. When reflection underpins the ethos of your own teaching and learning then the benefits will reach far and wide!

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