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Ofsted calls for early years experts: 

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Ofsted is setting up a forum for academics, practitioners and researchers to talk about a wide range of early years issues. 

  • How do young children learn to read?
  • What is the best way for them to develop physical skills?
  • And how can early education theory translate into practice in the nursery, the childminder’s home and the Reception year?

These are the kinds of issues that will be discussed at the Ofsted Early Years Pedagogy and Practice Forum, which will meet for the first time this autumn. Ofsted is calling for academics, practitioners and researchers to express their interest in attending the forum, which is an opportunity to help shape Ofsted’s policy and priorities. The forum will meet to talk about early years teaching theory and practice, and to review the kinds of topics that Ofsted will consider in planning its survey programme.

Gill Jones, Ofsted Early Education Deputy Director, said:

The way young children learn and develop is a source of endless fascination. And research on early education is growing all the time. So it is timely to have a forum where early years experts can come together and discuss the latest findings. I hope those with experience in leadership and research will consider applying, so that they can take part in some lively discussion about early education.

Interested parties must have a track record of early years leadership, be willing to take part in constructive debate, and be able to present evidence to support their views at the meetings.

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