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Gill Jones (apparently) bemoans the lack of singing in nursery

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You may have read some of the furore in the EY press over the weekend regarding Gill Jones' comments on singing in nursery. Gill, Ofsted’s deputy director of early education, told an NAHT conference that the demise of singing in nursery impacted on children's emerging reading skills, she said: “Children that can sing I’m sure read better, though I have no research to prove that whatsoever, but I’m just putting it out there because I’m sure it’s right.” [TES. 05/10/18] Her comments provoked quite a Twitter storm which Gill addressed online saying: "This storm is an unintended consequence of me highlighting the importance of singing with young children during questions from delegates. I was talking about rarely hearing solo voice singing and importance of it, not saying that nurseries don’t sing!" You can read the full TES article here. Gill's response to Kym Scott on Twitter can be read here. We are discussing this on the forum, here.

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