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As previously discussed in forum conversations we'd like to confirm that we are officially retiring PRAMS at the end of this academic year (2016). PRAMS is no longer being actively developed, and from 31st July 2016 we will no longer be supporting the software, although those with it still installed will still be able to use it. However, we strongly recommend that current users explore other options for monitoring their childrens' progress. Our product, Tapestry, of course, is available, and if you would like to find out more, or organise a free trial, please visit our Tapestry website.
PRAMS has had a long and noble life, having first seen the light of day in 2009. From its first days it has been coded, supported and refined by our own Matt Kelly. It has been used in thousands of settings around the country and been much appreciated by early years professionals as an invaluable (and free!)  aide to keeping up with the development of children in early years provision. We are bringing much of the experience we gained from PRAMS to our ongoing development of the analysis and tracking features of Tapestry.

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