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Baseline assessment in Reception, The EYFSP and Tapestry

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The Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) will remain in place as the EYFS mandatory assessment for 2016/17, instead of the Reception Baseline Assessment, introduced experimentally in 2015.


Baseline Assessments were judged to be ineffective after the trial. They were designed to be made at the beginning of the reception year, and required completion and submission within six weeks of the beginning of term. EYFSPs, in contrast, are made towards the end of the school year.


Following this decision, Tapestry will no longer offer assistance with completing and recording the Early Excellence Baseline Assessment (EExBA), which was provided last year. The system we were able to implement was limited in its usefulness, as we were not given permission to use EExBA material to assist in recording assessments, meaning that observation assessments needed to be duplicated.


Tapestry will, however, continue to provide exportable EYFSP files from Tapestry observation assessments, which we have had in place for a number of years. Tapestry users can use this function to generate your EYFSP results in CSV format and submit them via your MIS.


Obviously we will keep a close eye on any EYFS government guidelines as they emerge.

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