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Hi Nicky,

Welcome to the site and making yor first post. :) You've joined a very controversial thread here and one which I've read and stayed out of!! :o Hope you enjoy the site and continue to contribute. :D

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I buy my soap flakes from Tesco or by mail order from the Early Steps catalgue, part of the TTS group



We use our soap flakes to make snowmen models at Christmas, and we have just made soapflake flowers on a ribbon (like soap on a rope) for Mothers Day


Recipe is roughly

2 cups soap flakes (I use small role play cup, 1 per child)

and one half cup of lukewarm water.

We mix together with a whisk or a fork.

You can add some essential oil for a smelly soap, or a little food colour for a colourful flower (1 or two drops make a vibrant colour as the soap dries)

Put the hole in for the ribbon before the soap dries.



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