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First steps with Tapestry


  1. Overall set up walk through for managers   (1,303 visits to this link)

    These resources will talk you through the whole set up process when your first purchase a Tapestry account. 

  2. Deciding your term dates   (1,047 visits to this link)

    Follow this tutorial to set your term dates on Tapestry to match your setting's term dates.

  3. Choosing which assessment framework/s to use   (1,193 visits to this link)

    Do you want to assess using the EYFS framework, the KS1 and KS2 frameworks, or something else? Find our guide on how to enable different frameworks on your account here. 

  4. Adding your contact details   (1,536 visits to this link)

    Please make sure to follow this tutorial to ensure your contact details are set up correctly. 

  5. The 3 Ps. All about passwords, PINs and permissions   (1,462 visits to this link)

    Here you can learn how to set a robust password policy and ensure that all staff have the correct levels of access to your Tapestry package.

  6. How to add staff   (1,105 visits to this link)

    Here you will find a range of resources which will explain to you the two different ways in which you can add staff onto your account. 

  7. Setting default notification preferences for staff   (962 visits to this link)

    This tutorial talks you through how a manager on an account can set up the default notification preferences for staff. 

  8. How staff can set their own notification preferences   (984 visits to this link)

    If staff want to change their personal notification preferences from the default ones, this tutorial will explain to them how they can do this. 

  9. How to add children   (1,072 visits to this link)

    On Tapestry there are two different ways in which you can add children to your account, these tutorials will walk you through both options. 

  10. Child Status FAQs   (819 visits to this link)

  11. Which children do you need to see?   (1,048 visits to this link)

    If you are in a large setting where children are in different rooms or classrooms you might not want to see very child that is in the Tapestry package. You might only want to see your class or the children in your room. This section will show you how to get that organised.

  12. Setting up groups of children   (1,031 visits to this link)

    This tutorial will talk you through how to set up groups on your Tapestry account e.g. for your classes. 

  13. Customising your Tapestry account   (1,094 visits to this link)

    Do you have a school or setting logo you need to add? Do you want to change the background to reflect something more appropriate for your setting? All the information you need is here

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  14. Setting your newsletter preferences   (807 visits to this link)

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