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Adding relatives to an account


  1. Safeguarding and data protection considerations when adding relatives to Tapestry   (420 visits to this link)

    This article will go over all the data protection and safeguarding issues we recommend you think about before setting up relatives on your account. 

  2. Overall walk through for managers on how to set up relatives   (670 visits to this link)

    These resources rather than focusing on a particular element of setting up relatives on your Tapestry, will explain the entire process to you. 

  3. How to add relatives and link them to their children   (565 visits to this link)

    These tutorials will help you with setting up relatives on your account and linking them to their children.

  4. Passwords and permissions   (491 visits to this link)

    Here you can learn how to set a robust password policy and ensure that all relatives have the correct levels of access to your Tapestry package.

  5. How to make reports visible to relatives   (452 visits to this link)

    If you have made a report for a child and you would like to allow any associated relatives of the child to see the report, you will need to follow this tutorial. 

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