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Understanding Child Development: Linking Theory and Practice

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I thought this book was informative, ‘lively’ and easy to read. The chapters are set out giving clear indications of their content, so that you can use the book for quick reference as well as a ‘read through’ text book.

I particularly liked the references to working as a ‘reflective practitioner’ running throughout the book. Each chapter contains ‘shaded boxes’ giving additional key information, as well as ‘Look, Listen, Note and learn’, key points which makes the reader reflect on his/her own practice.

There are plenty of references to child development 1950’s onwards, linked into modern day research. I was particularly interested in the chapter on ‘Developmentally appropriate early literacy’ and the research carried out on the unrealistic early learning goals for literacy in the EYFS.

At the back of the book there are valuable pages giving information on relevant books, websites, and useful organisations.

I would thoroughly recommend this book, not just to use as a resource for students studying, but also for practitioners in the classroom to remind and update themselves of the importance of ‘starting from the child’.

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