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  1. Prevent Duty query

    Exactly, our parents are a wonderful mix of nationalities and ethnicity many off whom travel abroad to visit family or business on a regular basis. There are no signs which raise concerns for any of them.
  2. Prevent Duty query

    Thank you, I don't think it's an issue and certainly don't think questioning him in the name of Prevent Duty is warranted either. The Deputy was so insistant though that I needed to double check.
  3. A dad introduced us to his father in law today explaining that the fil will be collecting his child as dad would be going to India for 3 possibly 4 weeks. The deputy has told me I have too ask him about his travel plans; when he is going, how long for, why he's going and contact details of people he would be seeing. None of his children will be travelling him. She insists these are questions we now have to ask in accordance with Prevent Duty guidance. I know a school in Birmingham has spoken about introducing similar questions on forms for term time holidays but I didn't think it was statutory and I don't remember seeing it in the guidance either.
  4. Congratulations Vicky, our tutor give us 'certificates of achievement' when we passed the CPP and DPP. The CPP we finished at the end of the summer term and the cert took about 4-5 months to come through, the DPP we finished at Easter and the cert took about 6 weeks to come through. Karrie
  5. I've just been given a set of books by Kathy Reichs and have just finished the first one, Cross Bones. I was impressed enough to start the another one straight away! Karrie
  6. I moaned at my daughter staying in bed all day to read them, then found myself doing the same for the last book while feigning a headache! That was two years ago and I was 42! Haven't seen the movies though. Last year a friend gave me the Sookie Stackhouse ('True Blood') series, I hadn't watched the series at the time and I must say they're adult enough for me to hide them away from my girls! Karrie
  7. Policy Absurdities!

    sooooo familiar, we also have requests to 'hand or spoon feed' children their snack, as they can't feed themslves and we're talking about perfectly capable 3 year olds who do quite happily feed themselves!!!
  8. Is Cache Ok Or Not?

    I finished my Cache DPP with PsLA at Easter and I know there are still Cache courses running and more starting in September. The CWDC website has a list of all valid qualifications so that might be worth checking to give you peace of mind, sorry still can't do a link properly but I'm sure someone else can or you could google CWDC. Karrie
  9. Where Do You Keep Yours?

    That's the one we use now, but I can't remember whose it is, sorry! Karrie
  10. Ready For School

    Teaching children to use cutlery is important, in my son's school many children are starting reception and having school dinners but are unable to use cutlery. Karrie
  11. Outdoor Play

    Those really are fab photos Sue! Access to our outdoor area has to be planned with military precision, through a seperate hall, double doors and three seperate gates, (all of which had to be changed as the children could off easily opened and/or climbed over them). We are one out all out and have enough hats, fleeces, dippy duck suits and wellies for the 26 children we have each session; that also cuts into our time as the younger ones need help, especially with the dippy duck suits. Then there's the constant stream of children needing the toilet, so one member of staff is always accompanying children back and forth to the toilets. Still, I'm sure we'll get there in the end! Karrie
  12. Outdoor Play

    Thanks for that Maz, I've filed this one away for future use.
  13. Just a quick question, if you're a pre-school who can't offer free flow, what is the minimum amount of time you spend outside and would you mind sharing you're routine please? We go out everyday but our outdoor area is shared so we have to set up and pack away each day (and same for indoors), so sometimes we only manage 20 - 30 mins outdoors and we've been told we should aim for a minimum of an hour. Thanks Karrie
  14. I combined E5 and E6, I used the spiel headings for five of the activities I'd used in E4 and linked each to an EYFS development matters statement, i.e. Intellectual Development - Outdoor Laundry Progressing towards the Early Learning Goal of - Use developing mathematical ideas and methods to solve practical problems, EYFS, PSRN, Shape, Space & Measures (pg 76). I scored 5/5 for both E5 and E6. Hope that helps a bit. Karrie
  15. Dpp Unit 2 Cache Ass

    I finished unit 2 of the Dpp last July and we didn't have to submit the child's profile at all, anywhere. I know E3 is about identifying evidence from one child's profile but we just had to identify progress and evidence it using developmental norms. Karrie