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  1. IO Exception Connection failed, IO Exception

    Hi, No we have used prams for many years and are locked out of it. We do not want to change to tapestry as we do not wish to use the online system. All we used prams for was to generate the assessment report for individual children and for key person groups.
  2. IO Exception Connection failed, IO Exception

    Hi, We have tried to following the advice given for this error but still cannot access PRAMS What else can we try please? Thanks Sarah p.s I have also tried looking for the debugging to do what you suggested above but cant do that either!!!
  3. Generating Reports

    Right......... Thank you so much for your help I now have a lovely list of reports to choose.......which I have........now I can get all the way through to the last bit "configure output" but when I press forward nothing happens? any ideas? Also when I managed to export it I get a list of children and individual reports not a whole group overview! Really not getting it .........sorry
  4. Generating Reports

    Hiya, thanks for the welcome, and thanks for the reply. I will now try and follow your advice and see what mischeif I can get into!!! keep an eye on the forum for my cries of hellllllp!
  5. Generating Reports

    When looking at the online videos it shows report titles. Is this meant to be on all of the prams programmes? we are clueless and cannot work out how to generate any reports from the report section. Please help!