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Tapestry Newsletter November 2021


TEC Recording

Earlier this month we hosted our 5th Tapestry Education Conference. This TEC was reflecting on the importance of CPD in the early years and we were delighted to hear from our 3 speakers: Iram Siraj, Annie Richardson and Emily Lees.

If you’d like to watch the recording of this event, you can do so on our website, and we also have recordings of our previous TECs here.


Dr Julian Grenier and Ofsted Webinar

This month we helped facilitate a webinar from the Early Years Adopter 2020 Facebook Group. Dr Julian Grenier was joined by Wendy Ratcliff HMI and Gill Jones HMI, with special appearance by Rahima Begum, to discuss Development Matters and the changes to the EYFS. It was a very informative event which answered a lot of frequently asked questions. You can watch the recording on our YouTube channel.


2 year check report

We have released a new report format: EYFS 2021 Two Year Check.

As you might expect, this is an updated version of the 2 year check report format you may have seen previously on Tapestry, but this one is now in line with the new framework.

This report format will be available automatically, provided you already have the EYFS 2021 flag set enabled. You can find it by clicking ‘Reports’ in the top task bar and then ‘EYFS 2021 Two Year Check’ from the table on the right-hand side.


Articles this Month

We have two new articles on Tapestry.info this month.

Firstly, “An Interview with Fliss James, the project lead of ‘What to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage: a guide for parents’” by Caroline Vollans. And secondly “The Power of Parent Observations” by Kate Cowan and Rosie Flewitt.



This month we are running a Twitter and Facebook campaign using #EYFS2021OnTapestry.

Use this hashtag on both Twitter and Facebook to search through helpful resources and tips about implementing the revised EYFS on Tapestry and in your provision.

You can see our twitter posts so far here.


Feature Focus

This week’s Feature Focus is Activities!

The Activities feature was designed to help educators and families with home and independent learning. You can create bespoke activities on Tapestry which children and relatives can then access from their own accounts. They can also reply directly to your activity with an observation of their own.

Not only can you create your own from scratch and keep them organised in your “Activities Collection.” You also have access to the Tapestry Activities Catalogue. This has over 120 pre-made activities covering a range of topics, ages, and stages of development. These activities are made by members of the Education Team here at Tapestry and we add new ones on the 1st of every month.

If you want to give the Activities feature a try, you can enable it by going to Control Panel > Features.


That’s all for this month.

Best wishes from the Tapestry team