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Tapestry Newsletter March 2022


March Newsletter

Hi everyone! We hope you are all enjoying the beginning of Spring. This month we have new resources, useful reminders and an exciting Feature Focus so read on for more details.

Deleting and Restoring Data.

Our Support team have had a number of requests recently around deleting and restoring data. So, this section will hopefully explain a bit more about how that works on Tapestry.

Firstly, data is deleted from Tapestry either by you selecting it to be deleted or a whole account expiring and then later being deleted. We would never delete any data from an account unless we had explicit request to do so

If your whole account expires because the renewal invoice has not been paid, then you have 90 days from your expiry date in order to pay your renewal and restore your account.

If you go past this 90 day mark, your whole account will be deleted and moved to our backups for another 90 days. At this point, in order to reactivate your whole account you will need to get in touch with us via customer.service@eyfs.info from a “manager” or the FSF account holder email address. To restore a deleted account from our backups is a manual process performed by our developers, which means it comes with an extra charge. It costs £30 (excluding VAT) to restore a deleted account.

If you exceed 180 days from the day of your account’s expiry date then the whole account and all the data therein will be permanently deleted.

It’s also worth mentioning your yearly renewal invoices are generated automatically 30 days before your expiry date and all “managers” on Tapestry can view, download and pay for invoices via the Tapestry Control Panel.

This 90 – 180 day rule also applies to everything else you can delete/restore on Tapestry yourself. The most common example would be a child’s profile. As soon as you delete a child from your Tapestry account you’ll notice it enters an “awaiting deletion” stage with a 90 day countdown (don’t worry – they don’t count towards your account limit anymore. Only “active” children take up spaces). Within this initial 90 day “Awaiting Deletion” period, you can restore that child yourself if you need to. This tutorial will show you how:

After that 90 day period, they are deleted and moved to our backups. Similarly to how it works with accounts, they can be restored from the backups within another 90 days. Prices for restoring child accounts can vary and that will be explained when you contact Customer Support. Again, 180 days after you delete the account it will be permanently deleted and no recovery will be possible.

Hopefully this offers some clarification but if you’re ever unsure about anything, you can always contact the support email and we’ll be happy to help!


New CPD Course: An Introduction to Ableism.

This month we released another free course on Tapestry CPD. Written by Tapestry’s SEND advisor, Stephen Kilgour, and Autistic speech and language therapist, Emily Lees, this course is called “An introduction to Ableism.” It’s aimed at anyone working in education but would actually be helpful for everyone, regardless of their job.

This course will introduce you to ableism and its impact, helping you as you reflect on your practice. Access this course along with all our others, here.


New Infographics.

If you haven’t explored our Infographics library yet I would thoroughly recommend it!  We have helpful guides on all sorts of topics aimed at both parents and educators. Our newest additions are designed for parents and carers, and they are a kind of “jargon buster”. They help unpack some of the words and phrases used in the sphere of early years. You can find these new ones, and all our others here.


Celebrating Books 2022

We have a new section on our info site dedicated to Celebrating Books this year. Take a look at it here.

You will find a few short videos made by some wonderful contributors reading snippets of one of their favourite books. Definitely worth a look if you are on the hunt for more quality texts for your bookshelf. 


Feature Focus: Cherry Garden.

This month’s Feature Focus is Cherry Garden! Designed to help you support children with learning differences and disabilities, the Cherry Garden Branch Maps were created by Ofsted Outstanding specialist school - Cherry Garden.

Development doesn’t necessarily look the same for all children, and the Cherry Garden framework offers a unique approach to monitoring and supporting your children in early years and Key Stage 1 and 2. You can celebrate progress and engage children and families with their learning through the unique interactive orchard, which comes alive with every observation – so you can watch it grow together.

Cherry Garden is available to all Tapestry users and managers can enable it on your account by going to Control Panel > Settings > Assessments.

This tutorial will also help you with getting everything set up: https://eyfs.info/forums/topic/51203-setting-up-and-using-the-cherry-garden-framework


New Articles This Month

We have a new article on Tapestry.info this month by writer and educator, Naomi Clarke. Naomi discusses the importance of taking an intersectional approach to outdoor learning and what we need to consider in our settings. You can read the full article here


EYFS 2021 on Tapestry

Lastly, a quick reminder that we have a page on our website dedicated to all things EYFS 2021 on Tapestry. If you have any questions around that, this page will likely have the answer, but as always we are available on customer.service@eyfs.info for any other questions.