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Tapestry Newsletter December 2022


Hi, everyone.

An early newsletter this month to try and reach you before the holiday period, with just a few things to announce.


New Articles

We have a new article on the Tapestry site this month.

"When I think about the importance of conversations” by Jamel C Campbell recounts his own important experiences with conversation and discusses the integral part conversations play within the Early Years, as well as reflecting on the experience of having conversations to create his recently published book, co-authored with Sonia Mainstone-Cotton.


Resources to Support your CPD

As we come to the end of another year, we thought it would be helpful to give you a round-up of some of the resources we’ve been adding to throughout the year.  

  • Tapestry CPD

Our very own CPD area with a range of Tapestry and Education focussed courses. All the current courses are free and accessible to anyone via this link. However, to save course progression and (in the case of some courses) receive a completion certificate, you can log into the CPD site using your Tapestry sign in.


  • The FSF and Tapestry Podcast

The Foundation Stage Forum (FSF) and Tapestry podcast release bi-monthly episodes. There’s over 130 episodes in the back catalogue so far on a variety of education topics from a diverse range of knowledgeable and experienced guests. You can listen to all the existing episodes, and subscribe for future releases, here.


  • Tapestry Articles

As mentioned above in our New Articles announcement - we publish at least one new article a month on Tapestry.info. If you want to browse the articles you can do so from here and keep an eye on our socials for new articles being announced.


  • The Infographics Library

Last but not least, Tapestry.info is also home to our Infographics library where you can find Tapestry guides, EYFS activity ideas and many others – all in a more visual format.


Notification Timings

One quality-of-life improvement we have made this month is changing the time your “daily” and “weekly” email notifications from Tapestry get delivered to you.

Previously, these email notifications could get to some users in the early hours of the morning. We have now changed that so they can only arrive between 3:30pm and 8:30pm GMT.

The “Immediate” and “Internal” notification preferences are unchanged.


Product Support

Lastly, our Product Support team will be working Monday to Friday as usual (excluding bank holidays) throughout the holiday period so if you need to contact them about anything just email customer.service@eyfs.info