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Tapestry Newsletter August 2021


Hi, everyone!

I hope you are all well. Just a few things from me this month so read on for more details.

Tapestry Customer Support

As September is our busiest time of the year (as we know it is for most of you too!), our response time to support tickets may be slightly longer than usual. We always aim to answer queries as quickly as possible, so rest assured we will reply to you as soon as we can.

To speed up how quickly we are able to assist you, please make sure that you contact us from the account holder’s or registered manager’s email address, especially if the query relates to your account. Please also give us as much detail as possible in your first email about the problem you are facing. This will help reduce the time it takes us to find a solution for you.

If you have a finance or subscription question, please include your most recent invoice number as this will allow us to locate your account much faster. Managers can find the invoice number from the first page of the Tapestry Control Panel. 


Your Inactive Children

Do you have “inactive” children on your account? If so, now is the perfect time to review whether you still need those children’s profiles on your account. The “inactive” status is mainly used for when a child leaves your setting, but you’re expecting them back again soon. Them being inactive means you can simply “reactivate” and carry on as normal when they return. If you do want to keep the inactive children, please check your data protection policy with regards to keeping data on children who have left.

If you do have inactive children and you know you won’t need their account any longer, please delete them instead. A manager can delete an inactive child by going to Control Panel > Manage Children > Use the filter buttons at the top to show “inactive” children > Click the cog menu next to the name and select “delete”. You can delete multiple children by using the tick boxes down the right hand side.


Tapestry Encyclopedia Updates

In light of the updated EYFS and the changes that go along with it, we have made some updates of our own to the Tapestry Encyclopedia.

 These pages bring together all our tutorials, videos, webinars, podcasts, articles and documents and organises them into easy to navigate sections.

If you want to know more about setting up and using the new EYFS framework, start here. If you want to know more about monitoring and the new framework then go here.

We also have a very comprehensive forum post which answers the FAQs in regards to the new EYFS. This also links to loads of helpful resources which I would recommend! You can find it here.



I know how busy the end of a school year can be and sometimes it’s hard to remember all the little jobs that need to be done. We have created a few “end of the year” and “start of the year”  to-do lists which may help keep track of the different things you may need to do on Tapestry. They are with our other infographics and you can download them all here. 


New Articles on the FSF

Another month means another batch of fantastic articles published on the FSF. We have part three of Helen’s “Recording Learning, Not Tracking Progress” series.  An article about writing in the early years by Varinder Kaur Johal. And, for our Primary section, an article by Kirstie Page titled “Speech, Language and Communication Development in Key Stage 1”.


That’s all from me this month. We are wishing you all a happy start in September and if you need any help from us you can email customer.service@eyfs.info as always.

Best wishes,