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Tapestry Newsletter April 2022


Hi everyone!


Management System Update

We are very excited to share some news about our upcoming Management System on Tapestry!

This system is going to be released in phases, the first of which will be available to you this summer.

You will be able to add and create bookings and generate a printable register for your custom rooms.  Phase 2, which includes capacity planning, will follow shortly. The rest of the phases will be released over time and will bring extra features such as billing, invoicing and digital registers to name just a few!

As with all our feature releases, this will come at no extra charge to you.

If you want more of an idea of what’s to come, take a look at this preview video (Keep in mind, the look may change as development continues).


Child Login webinar

This month, Ben and I recorded a short webinar about Tapestry’s Child Login feature. We discussed what the feature is, how we think it could be used and what we like about it. If you’ve never heard of this feature, or just want to know more about it, the video is a great place to start. It’s up on our YouTube and you can access it directly by clicking here.


Feature Focus: Reports

This month’s Feature Focus is Reports.

A manager can enable Reports from Control Panel > Features. You can then access Reports from the top task bar.

The Reports feature gives you a list of different Report Formats that you can then add to, edit and customise. We have templates for EYFS 2021, the Two-Year check, SEND and many more. (Please note, the report formats you have access to depend on which assessment frameworks you have enabled).


New Articles

We have a new article on the Tapestry site this week: Outdoor Education – Past, Present and Future by Naomi Clarke explores outdoor education as an approach in the UK and exemplifies “the timeless need for nature to play a part in every child and young person’s personal and academic development.”

Read the full article here.


Tapestry Survey

This month we have something interactive for you! We have created a short survey about teaching and learning, and professional development. We will use the findings in our articles, to support our public relations and marketing, and to inform the development of Tapestry and the Foundation Stage Forum. We would love to hear your views. To take part in the survey please follow this link.