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The Foundation Stage Forum June Newsletter 2024

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Welcome to the FSF June newsletter

Early Years News

The political parties have been laying out their manifestos in the lead up to the general election. As expected, the Early Years is a key area in all of them. The headlines for each party’s proposals for the sector are as follows:

·         The Conservatives have confirmed their planned rollout of the early entitlement expansion.

·         Labour have announced they will create 100,000 additional early education and childcare places for children from 9 months old.

·         The Liberal Democrats are promising to give disadvantaged children aged three and four an extra five funded hours of early education entitlement per week, and to triple the Early Years Pupil Premium to £1,000 a year.

The Early Years Alliance has put together a manifesto of its own, outlining recommendations for future early years policy. Their CEO, Neil Leitch writes: You can judge the strength of a government by the way in which it cares for its youngest children – but more importantly, by the way in which it cares for those people who educate and care for those children.

Whatever the outcome of the election, there is no doubt the next government’s policy will affect your setting in some way. Make sure you vote to speak up for the children, families and colleagues in your community and beyond.

New Content

FSF articles and podcasts

Our new article for June is by Caroline Vollans, who considers whether we have a narrow view of risk and risk-taking in the early years. We’re also highlighting content from our extensive library of articles – this time we’re resharing an article by Alicia Wilkins titled ‘Replacing the topic box of stereotypes’. As the summer approaches, and with it preparations for new curriculum content, take a moment to read this article and reflect on your resources and how you use them.

Our latest podcast conversations are about nutrition in the early years with food development specialist Hannah Dolan, and about the link between creativity and wellbeing with Sonia Mainstone-Cotton. You can find all our podcast episodes from this link, or from wherever you like to listen.


Tapestry news and resources

There’s a new guide available to support your practice and pedagogy. The free document ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Islam’ has been written by Suma Din to help childminders, nurseries and schools have a better understanding of Islam.

And Ben, from our education team, has recently written an article for Nursery World reflecting on how early years educators can ensure collective events and celebrations are inclusive for all children and families.

Wishing you a safe and happy June

From Helen, Steve and all of us at the FSF and Tapestry



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