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Event Date: multiple
Provider: NDNA
Location: online

Identify and support children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

What will I learn?

It is crucial for children with SEND that their needs are identified as early as possible. Giving them the support they require from the earliest stages will help them achieve their full potential.

This NDNA online course gives practitioners a clear and basic understanding of how to identify a child with SEND. It covers the responsibilities you and the setting has towards the child. 

Above all, this course will give practitioners the skills and confidence to provide the care that children with SEND need.

Course key topics
•Definitions of SEND
•Your setting’s responsibilities
•Identifying and planning for children’s needs delay
•Involving parents and families
•Further support from other professionals
•Successful transitions into schools and other settings.

This course was developed by Liz Elsom, Early Years Consultant and previous Ofsted Divisional Manager for Early Years Policy. 

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