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A useful publication which expands on the content of the EYFS, and encourages practitioners to develop their reflective practice.

Especially useful for practitioners new to the EYFS, the curriculum is explored initially using 8 of the EYFS cards, two from each theme. Detailed advice is given to help you provide the care and education which will bring about the best outcomes for your children.

The areas of learning and development are discussed in quite some detail, according to each age band. Questions to help in your reflective practice are provided and suggestions made to ensure that you are offering the full range of experiences.

The final section looks at the Welfare requirements, expanding and explaining the details. The accompanying CD-Rom includes ideas for reflecting on your practice, and these are ideal for in-house training sessions or staff meetings. For example, one attachment states "During an inspection, you are asked how your setting supports children to become active learners. How do you respond?" A series of questions and ideas for discussion follow. This will certainly get your work colleagues sharing their ideas and making suggestions for improvements to your setting.

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