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Practical EYFS Handbook 2nd edition

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Your one-stop shop for everything about the revised EYFS. Beautifully presented and clear sections for you to use when evaluating your provision and making sure you are covering all the welfare and safeguarding requirements and providing exciting learning opportunities for all children to access the seven areas of learning.

Tassoni looks at the purpose and principles of the EYFS and the overarching themes, providing a wealth of information on how to lead an effective provision, from organising a key person approach to creating a warm emotional yet flexible environment.

The author discusses the characteristics of effective learning and provides extensive guidance on understanding the safeguarding and welfare requirements. Helpful reflective practice sections ask questions to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your provision, such as “How do you manage if a child does not seem to respond to their key person?” and “”When you recruit new staff do you make them aware that they will need to take part in continuing professional development?

The areas of learning, and the aspects within them, are clearly analysed with some very useful ideas in the “What should I do?” boxes, for example in the “Listening and Attention” aspect for babies, Tassoni writes “Make sure you keep background noise to a minimum as even low levels of constant noise, such as music, can reduce the number of vocalisations children can make”.

The remainder of this extensive book covers each aspect within the seven areas of learning. Tassoni provides guidelines on how to support each age group, offering two activities or learning experiences for you to try. A wonderful resource for you and your staff to dip into for some inspiration!

Very highly recommended.

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