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Penny Tassoni's Practical EYFS Handbook

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An extremely accessible and attractive explanation of the EYFS, containing  suggestions for quality experiences for children and helpful advice for observation and planning.

The first section, "Putting Principles into Practice" begins by unpicking the Principles into Practice cards, linking key concepts to Every Child Matters, and giving examples of high quality practice. Sections entitled "What Should I Do?" encourage you to evaluate your practice and act on areas that need improvement.

The author then moves onto tackling the Welfare Requirements, considering frequently asked questions such as "Do childminders need policies?" "Points to consider" sections invite you to consider your policies and procedures through open-ended questions, for example, "How do you exchange information with other providers?" and "Do your activities, routines and other policies link to your equality of opportunities policy?"

The Practice Guidance and Areas of Learning and Development are studied in the folowing chapters, each aspect within each area of learning being addressed individually. For each aspect, and for each age-band, Tassoni offers suggestions for quality activities and experiences, giving you questions to ask yourself when observing and planning for the children. These sections are beautifully set out, hugely accessible, and particularly useful if you want to address individual aspects during your in-house training or staff meetings. Excellent advice for childminders too, as all the experiences can be offered within a home environment.

Final chapters include sections on "What is play?", "What type of play is needed" and guidance on auditing your routine for the different ages of children in your care. Constructive advice on observation and planning follows, with examples of a childminder's weekly plan and monthly planning and review sheet, a reception class half-termly overview, weekly plans for reception CLL and PSRN, and many more. All great suggestions which you can adapt to suit your setting and the needs of your children.

We highly recommend this publication, not least for the best quote in the book:

Remember that a plan is just that- a plan, not a promise!

If you buy only one book to help you deliver high quality early years care and education, choose this one.

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