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Introducing Teddy

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Introducing Teddy is an accessible and heart-warming story about being yourself and being a good friend, while encouraging the youngest readers to think about gender identity.


This book sparked a healthy debate at FSF HQ. We liked the subversion of the gender roles and the ways in which the author points out the expectations of activities for little boys and girls. However, when 'Teddy' decides he is really 'Tilly' it took us all rather by surprise. A second reading made much more sense to us and we could see how the book could usefully be used to support children who are struggling with gender identity. It is not a book to read 'off the cuff' it is a good book for young children who are aware of these complex feelings - but might be utterly confusing for those who are not and staff need to be confident in how and what they are going to explain. We would recommend this book to teachers on the understanding that it will need careful planning and consideration for what the responses need to be to the inevitable questions it will raise.

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