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Stanley the Amazing Knitting Cat

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Stanley LOVES to knit. He knocks up pom-poms at breakfast time, whips up bobble hats at bath time. He even knits in his sleep! And what does Stanley do with his wonderful woollies? He gives them to his friends of course - balaclavas for bunnies, neck warmers for giraffes and much more besides.


We loved this book - beautiful illustrations, a funny story, a small element of jeopardy and then a happy ending ... what's not to like? This would be such a great starter story for a range of different topics and themes. We've put a little list of ideas together to show you.PD/L: Mark making - Using crayons and coloured pencils to create different effects. Making patterns of swirls, scribbles and lines (like knitting). Alliterative words and phrases. EAD: Designing and making clothes for toys, junk models, joining and fixing materials. M: Repeating and matching patterns. PSED: Sharing and caring for our friends. UW: Keeping warm and clothes for different weather conditions. We'd buy this book, it's fab.

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