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Privacy Policy

The Foundation Stage Forum has a membership system which necessarily takes personal information in order to provide the services that membership provides.

The only personal information we collect on this site is that which we take when you register and subscribe with us. This information is held solely by us and will not be released to 3rd parties for any reason.

When you subscribe, you may choose to use the online payment method. This uses a 3rd party payment gateway, a standard means of verifying card details. The card information is input to a secure server and is never seen by us.

Most subscribers to the forum wish to receive forum updates, which are email based newsletters, letting members know of new articles, interesting conversations, and news from the Foundation Stage world. Providing a valid email address on registration allows us to do this. However if you do not wish to be contacted with this information, choosing not to receive email from the forum administrators is a simple process, accessible from your own 'Control Panel'.

Similarly, if you wish to be contacted when forum topics to which you have contributed or are simply interested in have been added to, you may do so. When you decide you are no longer interested in any or all topics, this too is under your complete control.

We also place a 'cookie' on your computer when you register. Cookies are text files that identify your computer to the server where this site resides. Our cookies perform two main functions:

  • To allow our members and regular visitors to use the site in a way which enables the system to 'remember' previous visits - enabling, for example, the function, that tells a member whether they have already read a post or topic.
  • To allow us to keep records of the numbers of visitors to the FSF, and whether or not they are first time visitors or returning visitors.

Most websites do this whenever a user visits their site in order to track traffic flows, and to enable automatic logging in for regular visitors.

If you no longer wish to have the forum recognise you when you visit, or intend not to return, you can use the link at the bottom of the Forum front page to delete the cookies set by the system.

All of these options are provided so that the requirements for privacy you need can be set as flexibly as possible. We will never spam you or allow other people to make use of the contact information you provide to us. We value your wish for privacy and will not abuse it!

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