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Learning Journeys, re-imagined


Learning Journals and special books have grown in popularity over the last decade, offering early years settings a way to record the special moments of their children, and to keep parents involved in a partnership as their children blossom and grow. More recently they have been used in conjunction with the EYFS developmental stages to assess more formally how children are progressing.

Traditionally these individual records have been collected in scrapbooks or binders, building up into a treasured memoir that children can take with them when they leave for the next stages of their journey through life - each entry forming a thread in the warp and weft of the tapestry that is their life.

The cost, in both time and money, of providing these journals has often caused great problems for managers and staff in EYFS settings. The purchase of the scrap books alone can be significant, and printing photographs, and cutting, pasting and writing in the journals is a time consuming affair.


Additionally, managers experience the trauma of sending their journals home with parents, only to find they return them late or even lose them. In the event of parents who are separated it can be difficult to make the journals available to both in a fair way; and if one parent is away for other reasons (for example a serving member of the armed forces who is on active duties) it is impossible to use the physical journal as a means of keeping up to date with a son or daughter.

What if it was possible to create records of observations instantly? To add notes and images and have them immediately available to any authorised person as part of the complete story of the child's life at their nursery. To have parents able to view and comment on these special moments, and to be able to contribute their own stories of the child's life outside nursery?

Well, we believe you can. This is what we call Tapestry. Online Learning Journals, from the imagineers at the FSF!


  • A complete standalone application with your own web address, with full management functions to control access and communication, for parents and staff, and editorial control over all journals and records.
  • Journals created for each of your children, with full control over who can view and edit them.
  • A growing number of designs for you to choose from.
  • Each observation or page can include notes, photographs and EYFS assessments, characteristics of learning and videos. They can be enhanced by comments from other staff and parents, and each page appears in a pleasing and coherent way.
  • View the complete set of observations as a learning journey, flipping through a single child's observation pages, in time-order, or filtering in flexible ways to access your favourite records. Bookmark your favourites for quick access.
  • Upload an observation to multiple childrens' journals simultaneously, then split and edit individually if necessary.
  • Convert to PDF and give to parents as CD or print hardcopies as appropriate.
  • Observations can be uploaded in one single process that makes a new entry immediately available or, optionally, hidden until the manager has approved them.
  • Each child's journey can have individual accounts set up for parents and relatives to access.
  • Parents can comment on new entries and even add their own.
  • Mobile apps allow new entries to be made from iPhones,iPads and Android devices.
  • Intuitive EYFS 'tagger' allows assessments to be made down to statement level, and multiple EYFS assessments can be made for a single observation (optional - you decide in your management screen).
  • Automatic emails generated for parents when new entries are made.

Next Steps

Look through the excellent resources here including a video about using Tapestry from the perspective of a setting manager/EYP, some testimonials, and screen shots of Tapestry from the web and mobile applications.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email us or, if you are a member of the FSF already, just ask a question in the Forum or use our private message system to PM us.

Tapestry Video

Using Tapestry in a real setting

Watch this short introductory video, which gives an overview of the use of Tapestry in a real setting from the perspective of a Setting Manager/EYP. Please don't contact Rotherfield Village Preschool regarding Tapestry-but do post on the forums here if you have any questions.

At the end of the video you will be offered the opportunity to join a mailing list and receive news about future Tapestry developments. Alternatively, use the form below the video.

Tapestry Testimonials

What our customers are saying

...I cannot speak highly enough for the support I have received from Tapestry. This is my second year of using the system and I love it! Thank you...

...Can I just say, when I looked up reviews of your product they all commented on how great your support service is, and I can definitely see what they mean!...

...I'm currently 28 hours into using Tapestry and am blown away by it's simplicity. So far I've set up 66 children, 74 relatives and 15 staff and have done countless observations on "test child" from Ipads, galaxy tabs, samsung phones, 3 laptops and a desktop! My manager has been using her laptop, tablet and phone too.
Really looking forward to seeing Tapestry in live action and can't wait to get back to school!...

...We had our Ofsted last month and gladly graded outstanding. Inspector loved Tapestry so much so she referred to it in our report as 'tremendous online software.'...

...We think Tapestry is excellent and within our local authority have recommended it to lots of schools. We even set up a demonstration night last week as 4 primary schools asked if they could come and see how we have used Tapestry in our setting. All the 4 schools have now purchased Tapestry....

...This is my 3rd year now into using Tapestry, I just love how much it has developed! I'm a childminder and makes life so much easier!...

...Thanks again, for your wonderful customer service, you have a huge fan club on the Isle of Wight....

...Tapestry! Way forward. Our inspector loved it too....

...Thanks again for your prompt help once again!!

...We have been using Tapestry for about 6 weeks and are finding it AMAZING. It has cut our paperwork time down considerably and the feedback we are getting from parents is that they all love it....

Tapestry Screenshots

See the magic for yourself!

Below are some screenshots of various areas within the Tapestry application, from the perspective of managers or relatives. Click on an image to view a larger resolution version, and use the navigation arrows in the popup to move through them.

Tapestry Screenshot
Tapestry Screenshot
Tapestry Screenshot
Tapestry Screenshot
Tapestry Screenshot
Tapestry Screenshot
Tapestry Screenshot
Tapestry Screenshot
Tapestry Screenshot

Mobile Apps

Use Tapestry on your mobile device

Find information about downloading the Tapestry mobile app for your Apple or Android mobile device here, and see some screen shots from the app.

Available on the App Store

Apple Devices

Download the Tapestry mobile app from the Apple App Store here, or by typing "tapestry fsf" into the search function.

Screenshots from the Apple app

Tapestry iOS Screenshot
Tapestry iOS Screenshot
Tapestry iOS Screenshot
Get it on Google Play

Android Devices

Download the Android mobile app from Google Play here, or by typing "tapestry fsf" into the search function.

Screenshots from the Android app

Tapestry Android Screenshot
Tapestry Android Screenshot
Tapestry Android Screenshot

Tapestry Support

Your questions answered

We are proud of our responsiveness at the FSF. Over the last ten years we have built a reputation as a reliable and personal early years presence in a continually changing world.

The FSF community has a deserved reputation as a generous support network, and you will benefit from a dedicated Tapestry forum area for questions, suggestions and open feedback, quite apart from access to the program design and development team. Help us build Tapestry the way you would like to see it and, in doing so, make it your own!

Support Resources


Get Tapestry today!

Tapestry is available now, and an annual subscription (prices below) can be purchased from the FSF, after which your Tapestry account will be automatically set up and available within minutes

We only want happy users of Tapestry; we like to sleep well at night. So please have full confidence that if you take out a subscription to Tapestry and decide it's not for you within the first month, you can have your money back, in full, with no hoops or obstacles to jump through. Just drop us a line and we'll refund your payment. We'd obviously like to hear your views - but we'd like to part on good terms!

Tapestry is made available only via the FSF, so all Tapestry users need also to have a current FSF subscription. If your local authority subscribes to the FSF (see list here) simply register under their scheme or, if you're already a member via a LA scheme you're already there. Otherwise you'll need to register with the FSF and purchase a 20 (+VAT) annual subscription to use Tapestry. In doing so you will become a full member of the wonderful early years community at the FSF and have full access to all the resources and articles on this site.

The current annual Tapestry subscription prices are below. Click on a package or visit the purchase page to get it now!

Widget Test

(0.12 INC. VAT)0.10

Tapestry 12 children

(36 INC. VAT)30.00

Tapestry 20 children

(48 INC. VAT)40.00

Tapestry 40 children

(60 INC. VAT)50.00

Tapestry 60 children

(90 INC. VAT)75.00

Tapestry 90 children

(132 INC. VAT)110.00

Tapestry 120 children

(174 INC. VAT)145.00

Tapestry 150 children

(216 INC. VAT)180.00

Tapestry 180 children

(264 INC. VAT)220.00

Tapestry 240 children

(360 INC. VAT)300.00

Tapestry 300 Children

(504 INC. VAT)420.00

Already A Tapestry User And Want To Upgrade Your Package?

Click here for a very simple tutorial that shows you how to to it!