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  1. Thanks Rebecca. None of them have green antennae at a first glance - but who knows?!
  2. Yet another U turn - EYFSP

    Well - as predicted for once!! Good job we didn't throw all the paperwork away! Thanks for the alert Catma.
  3. I understand this, I really do, and some parents of children with Summer birthdays choose this, as do parents in the same position as your larnielass, who are hoping for a place in a school better able to meet their child's particular needs. However, from a school point of view, we have to keep a place open for deferring children until they decide to join us. If they are not on roll by our 'headcount day'in October then we get no money for them for the entire year, not even the 15 hours. So I prefer children to be in school from September, and we will allow them to attend part-time if that suits them better.
  4. When to start transition documents?

    We are visiting and talking with our feeder pre-schools at present, but have asked for paperwork to come - or we'll collect - in September as we are having major work done in school over the holidays. This seems to have gone down very well to my surprise!
  5. Talk for writing

    We've been using it across the school for quite a while. We use it with 'Signs for Story' too. It is based on the idea that children need to internalise stories before they can understand the structure, so we have a text each term that we spend two weeks working on, telling the same story every day so the children know it well enough to join in and practically know it by heart. We do lots of work around the story, telling and retelling, and then use it as a basis for making up a different story. For example one of our Year R texts is The Gingerbread Man, so we have a great couple of weeks in November doing all things Gingerbread (really cheers me up during the foggy days). We do lots of oral work, make lists, make gingerbread, write recipes, make a story map, write the story in a structured way and then finally write a new version using a different character - so we look at the Runaway Pancake and the Runaway Chapatti - and then decide who will feature in our class story. It gives our children (99%EAL) a really strong idea of how stories work, so then they ave a framework to refer to when they begin to make up their own stories. It works for us, and I think has just been relaunched as a Primary Project. If you Google Pie Corbett you'll find loads of info! If you get the chance to hear him speak, go - I haven't but colleagues who have say he's fantastic.
  6. T-PA-624-Report-Writing-Bank-of-Differentiated-Statements-EYFS-Characteristics-of-Effective-Learning.xls see if this works - it looks a bit complicated to me!
  7. Stickers and other rewards

    I use stickers very sparingly indeed but I do like the ones that say 'ask me why I have this sticker'. I give them at home time and prime the parents eg 'David has been really kind today'.
  8. Compliance handbook

    Thank you Thumper - I was trying to find out just this kind of information for a friend the other day, so your link is really helpful.
  9. School Ready ? .

    Good job baseline isn't being enforced this year then! Reading 'boot' and 'flower' would come along with being secure in Phase 3 of 'Letters and Sounds' -about where the majority of my children are when they leave Year R, so wonder where her expectations came from? You could also point out - if you can swallow the bile - that it is in the school's interest to have children 'performing below expectations' as then they can, as you say, show good progress from their starting points. I know it's no consolation, but we have the same kind of discussions between Key Stage 1 and 2 - Year 3 teachers tear their hair out every year! - and between Year 6 and Year 7 - transition is never easy, but luckily the children seem to manage it.
  10. Feeling dismayed!

    'dismayed' seems very retrained of you under the circumstances - hope you manage to find a sympathetic ear on the Hall committee
  11. Persevere or back off?

    good luck - sounds like you'll need to set aside a lot of time. Prep someone to make you a mug of strong sweet tea afterwards.
  12. School visits

    as a Year R person I think this is very sad - you guys have a wealth of information about children and families that I find very useful. Also, I have information that is useful to local pre-schools simply because I've been here since Noah was a boy and so know the families well. It does take work on both sides, but parents feel happier if they've seen me around at the preschools and it pays dividends in terms of building a trusting relationship with them too. I spend a lot of time this term getting either myself or another staff member into all of our 21 feeders, but it really is worth it. Manor - yes of course we do a 'baseline' by the end of the first half-term. Usually this will take information from pre-schools and parents as a starting point, but we need to amalgamate 21 different data systems into one that works for us. Please don't feel undervalued by this, it's just practicalities. Sadly I seem to remember a similar post this time last year.
  13. ELG+

    The EYFSP 2016 handbook has descriptors for exceeding on page 37 onwards. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/488745/EYFS_handbook_2016_-_FINAL.pdf They are also descriptors based on the Tickell review, which we have used for several years now. I can't help with Tapestry I'm afraid - we use Target Tracker across the school. As far as the purpose of exceeding - who knows what it is actually for! We use it as a 'heads up' for Year 1 teachers, but from a manager point of view I have always regarded it as a bonus; my priority being a solid GLD for as many children as possible. In some cases (not many in my school) children will be targeted to go into 'exceeding' because we expect at least 6 sub-levels of progress as 'good progress', so if a child is assessed as 40-60 secure on entry they will be expected to be exceeding ELG's by the end of the year, but that is part of our appraisal system rather than anything more official. Hope that helps a bit.
  14. Ofsted tommorrow!

    How very frustrating - would send a huge chocolate cake if that would help a little.
  15. Ofsted tommorrow!

    will be thinking of you - hope it all goes well