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  1. Home visit resources

    Visits are tight time wise. We take either Gerry the giraffe or Edmund the elephant depending which group they are in.We take our 'surprise tin'. An old biscuit tin with the plastic sectional insert. In it there are things to interest most children and help check-hand eye coordination, counting , colours, interests, language and life experiences. We leave a colouring sheet the child chooses to bring on the first day and start their space on our through the year wall.Plus paperwork! who can pick up sheet, first day advice etc
  2. I used cement, 2 buckets and two broom handles with holes my husband drilled in for a portable number line. I have used it for lots of different things, alphabet, pattern work, numberline even with the water tray inside and out for washing baby clothes.I can adjust the string to suit where it is being used and it doesn't take up much room when not in use. The only problem I have had is children 'watering' the posts to make then grow
  3. Our children come in really poor in CLL so we will be doing a backbone of nursery rhymes the rest will come.We will start with Humpty dumpty and hickory dickory as these tend to be familiar to new entry children and parents and then see where we go
  4. Update: we held a secret staff ballot and it went to governors vote tonight "After careful consideration of your views, governors unanimously voted NOT to convert to an academy" Everyone thought it was a forgone conclusion!!! If you don't want it fight it!
  5. Planning permission and covenants are two different things as we found out to our cost. We had 3 difficult teenage boys next door and 2 very young children. After many previous incidents the final straw was when they had a loud conversation about oral sex in the garden (intended to be over heard and shock us) while friends and their young children were visiting. The friends politely left followed by much laughter from next door. We erected a fence between the properties soon after. We checked with the local planning office as to what height and type it could be, spoke of our intentions to the parents and hand delivered a letter informing them of our intent in 28 days to do this all inorder so we thought They waited until the work was complete then issued us with a solitor written removal notice under the terms of the a convenant on our deeds that stated no fence could be more than 3ft 6". The deeds were written in 1927 and the deed to the land in 1584!! We took legal advice and there was nothing we could do without a long legal battle that may incur large costs. The fencing cost £1000 but we still had to pay for it removing and replacing with a lower fence although we took the 3ft 6" from the fence posts and arched the top. I can also not make bricks on my land
  6. TUPE is fine but it only applies to a moment in time ie midnight at change over. At 10 minutes passed 12 they can change any thing! (in theory)
  7. I think it will be to do with 'value' added. If your ofsted was so good and the Ofsted judgement of the schools Early years department and results at YR2 is lower there will be questions asked. It may even trigger a full school inspection. Headteachers now have to submit their own judgements of their school not just when Ofsted are in so if she was saying you were poor but Ofsted say you are outstanding they will also question her judgements of the rest of the school. Either way it doesn't put her in a good light.
  8. Our teacher broke her ankle. The head was happy to let me as NN take control but when he checked with legal services he was told that it was not possible it had to be QTS probably because we are a 30 place nursery with 3 staff QTS, NN, TA ie 1:10 If they are short staffed in school and we have 26 or less children (1:13) we lose the TA. We have an SEN child in the afternoons who has 1-1 and if we are 26 or less we lose his 1-1. Numbers equals money
  9. If the school has taken over the nursery they will HAVE to have a QTS in the nursery. If lillybeth is not QTS it maybe they financially can't afford a QTS and a highly qualified manager? I am a nursery nurse so 'non-teaching staff'. It does seem the teachers will come out of this in a much better position than non-teaching staff. The cleaning will go out to tender so the cleaners will lose their jobs-they could be taken on by a private firm but on what wages and conditions? Same goes for the kitchen staff. The school will opt out of the council school meals service and either take a private company or appoint a 'Meals manager' and keep the kitchen staff. Ethically I worry if we 'opt out' of all these council services what will be the knock on effect for the rest of the children in the city. It would put in danger, school meals (what about children on free meals?) music service, in service training...... All the non-teaching staff live locally, most have school age children and all are women. I think the options to move on if you are not happy are much strong for teachers. I have not had a pay rise since 1988 when I reached top scale except the local government pay rise (which has been frozen for the last 3 years). No non-teaching staff will receive a local government pay increase. Ok at the moment but 5 years time we may not have had any increase in pay especially if the school struggles financially. Looks ok now but if something crops up??? roof need repairing, electrics are condemned etc Anyone who owns a house knows even with good budgeting unexpected bills arise.
  10. I bought a pack of laminated cards to use when we had a child using makaton. They are slightly bigger than a playing card and we still use them. Edit-I've found them on-line and they are British sign language but maybe worth having a look on this site http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/Lets-Sign-BSL-Flashcards-Cath-Smith/9780954238452
  11. I'm adding to this thread as I know threads on this board are reviewed further down the line and many more people we'll read these comments in the future when faced with the same issues. There were points made at yesterdays meeting of interest. We all know parents are being sold all positive points so we asked for negatives. Once an academy they don't have to abide by 'statutory' so can change ANYTHING. This means they can increase class sizes and employ unqualified teachers. The 1275 hours goes for teachers and many academies have brought in 1350 hours. They can lengthen the school day and increase school days in a year (many parents see this as a positive-no need to pay for before/ after school and less holidays to find/pay for child care) They can bring in their own admissions policies including refusing children (possibly children from 'problem' families or special needs?) Moving schools from the LEA means the pot for money for the LEA decreases and affects all remaining schools-loss of special departments, support services etc. Schools from outlying prosperous areas who become academies are reducing the money and services for the poorer inner city schools. It really is a case of I'm alright Jack and lets ignore the rest. Its privatisation of our education system by the back door so the long term future is worrying.... At my school we have asked for the staff ballot to be brought forward to allow time after the result and before the meeting of governors to ballot on strike action.
  12. Currently in the middle of the same!!! Second meeting tomorrow night for staff. We had a meeting before the holidays and this meeting is a follow up with the union reps working for the whole staff. We have asked for a whole staff ballot and for the head of governors to present to the staff the governors reasons for wanting it as it was not made clear. We received that in writing on the Friday afternoon we broke up for the holidays and it was very bias to say the least. The 'independent advisor' the governors had appointed was anything but! . My first concern was the very short time scale for the 'consultation'. Its very hard not to see it as a whitewash instead of a consultation. The staff appear in general appear to be against-concern about :hours, holidays, pensions, privatising cleaning, kitchens, breaks in service if they then take jobs in not academy schools, getting a job in an other school etc 2 of my main school concerns relate to the head and chair of governors and what happens if they change. The current head runs the financies well but is in his 50's whose to say the next head will be as strong? The chair of governors daughter leaves this summer so what happens then? She could be co-opted as a community governor but for how long will she retain a strong interest in the school? Many staff who are not in favour intend to leave leaving a young and elderly staff who lack experience/ are 'cheap/ or to expensive/old to be taken on elsewhere. The best at 'their prime teachers' will leave. Personally I worry about my pension with the local authority which has 32 years in it. They state they will continue to pay the employer contribution but "the rate may differ from the LA" ie it could be a lower rate. All assurances re work, contracts, hours, pensions etc only apply to the point of transfer ie midnight on the day the become an academy at 10 minutes past midnight they can change everything! Sorry my view is bias to my own feelings I'm sure others may step forward with positives for the school/parents etc but I'm struggling to find any positives for staff
  13. steroids in nursery

    If my daughter had not been allowed in a setting when taking steroids she would never have been there! They are usually give in one dose usually in a morning (my daughter takes 8 at a time) they taste horrible so the problem was getting her to take . She now takes caffeine tablets which have been a god send so the 'high' from steroids don't come close to a child on caffeine tablets . She has to carry a card saying she's on or had steroid treatment for 1 year after she's had a course and it states that if you have never had chickenpox you should avoid people who have chicken pox or shingles and if you do accidently come in contact a doctor so that may have implications for your setting???
  14. I would think the best research would be watching a group of children listening to The Hairy Toe
  15. I bought 50 ducks on e-bay. I painted them collars with my daughters nail varnish for colour sorting. I didn't put hooks in them but used nets, means they can also be used safely elsewhere for numeracy work.