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  1. Planning Again!

    Thanks guys! Great advice as always.
  2. I've searched for planning and have found lots of good proformas, but what I really need to know is which ones have been "passed" by Ofsted. I was using a proforma given to me by the LA which was not well recieved by the powers that be and now I'm really stuck. Can anyone help? Oh I work in a reception class. Thanks
  3. I am struggling with planning formats too! We recently had Ofsted not too good for foundation I work in a single form entry primary school and did not get much support pre inspection. Do any of you kind people out there in schools which have had a good inspection think you could possibly share your planning formats because I'm just going round in circles. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, Our LA have produced a form showing the links between development matters and the profile points. The whole document is about 20 pages long so can't attach here but I have transfered the information to my own sheet but have used my own coding system. I will try and attach both sheets hope my codes make sense. The codes are on the profile numbered statements sheet and If you look at the WILF part for each statement if they relate to the profile point the code is at the end i.e. Recognise rhythm in spoken words. CLL LS&L WILF: I can clap along to the pattern of spoken words. CLL 11 Hope this helps. EYFS_DEV_MATTERS__1__with_WILF.doc Profile_numbered_statements.doc
  5. Hi not sure if this has been discussed before but .. I have just joined a pre school committee who are a sessional based charity and part of the pre school learning alliance and are having major issues getting parents involved on the committee. I have been told they want to move away from the PLA but are concerned about insurance, accreditation etc. anyone got any suggestions what should we do?
  6. I work in a primary school and I am getting pressure from above to show how the children are self assessing during their child initiated activities! We currently use a traffic light system with smily faces when the children are working with an adult, we discuss what the children think about their learning and then decide together which face and colour they are going to draw on either their work or on the adults comments sheet. Is anyone else having this problem or got any solutions?
  7. Version


    look, listen and note taken from EYFS for 30 months to early learning goals suitable for reception class
  8. I have also just had the data and we have seen the same pattern as you described. It is reasuring to see others with similar results. Thanks for the links given in this post as I was beginnning to panic!
  9. Evidence

    I have adapted the sheets provided by Moose (Thanks! ) evidence_collection_sheet.doc and use these, photocopied upto A3, as a tally of where the evidence has been gathered from. I do this at the end of each week during my PPA time and this then gives me a focus for my observations for the following week which I build into my planning. Hope that makes sense and is of use to you.