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  1. Eyfs

    You are assessed on your managerial skills and the way you pass on knowledge when doing EYPS not on the way you work with the children so how come you are the working 1-13. I will not be doing this but i am more worrid about the fact we now haveto maintain ratios at all times-how do you manage lunch times,breaks,when you have one soiled child,one staff member in the loo etc?
  2. How about can you cook and can you clean ?
  3. I am not very loyal about where I buy paint paper etc and find it hard to compare like for like.Where do people find these resources to be of quality but not too expensive? we need to reduce out goings this term and this is one area that we can.Am i the only one that takes a sharp intake when i see a child use half a pot of sequines on one picture?On the other hand I do want to give the children what they need and dont want to be couning out sparkles!
  4. we feed our children 3 times a day and do our best to give a good variety of foods including roasts,pasta, fresh veg etc.However some of our children do not stay for lunch and all they have from us is a snack am and pm.Up to now this might be bread stick and cream cheese,dried fruit,fruit,toast,plain biscuit,pop corn,cheese biscuit,crackers ,carrot sticks etc. As we need to cut back on out goings at the moment what do you think about us only providing fruit,toast and plain biscuits at these times and saving the variety for tea time? I hate counting the pennies but needs must.
  5. Right I want to pickyour brains looking for and i am afraid aa lot is down to cost Rubber sorting equipment eg animals dinosaurs etc Dinos Wooden role play equipment eg looks like Community play things but without the cost Blocks Water trays Wheeled toys What havefound that lasts and thatbthe children enjoy,thanks for the help-feeling very poorly at bthe moment and need all the help I can find
  6. You are right it was on the hunt for.I am having to type lying down as on a huge dose of steroids that have made mde very ill and unable to do much.sorry to have caused confusion, apart from the panic of not being able to sort the new Nursery am looking for things I can sort out from my bed, brain not working that well it seems Sorry again
  7. Do you have a singing/dance/drama/musical time as part of your everyday routinue or do you have a weekly speccial extended activity.What works for you and how do youensure every one has a hit at these exciting activities ifthey attend part time?
  8. Re-thinking The Week

    What about drama?
  9. New Day Nursery

    I have posted before that we are opening a New Day Nursery sometime in October(hopefully) and I am fishing for ideas.It is in a former house so there are rooms to consider.What will we put where? What look shall we go for? I would be really interested to look at photos of other settings,seen any around? Also making list after list of equipment etc and am sure I am still forgetting things, any one seen anything of things to remember-I am getting on a bit and the little grey cells are not what they were. I am looking forward to pinching all your best ideas !! Mama
  10. New Day Nursery

    I have done it both ways ,bought a Nursery that was up and running and a building to convert.If you can find a building that has the right planning i think I would go from scratch. The thing you need is a lot of capital-I used my home and could have lost it and the growth to profit will take longer but in the long run you will make more profit.You do not take on staff -who may or not be wonderful but may just work very differently,and thier terms and conditions,equipment that is never what it seems and lots of families to win over.On the other hand you will have an income from day one,but as salary is by far the biggest expense this will grow slowly starting from scratch. I LOVE BEING MY OWN BOSS BUT WOULD INFACT EARN MORE IF i WORKED FOR SOMEONE ELSE AS i TEND TO KEEP INVESTING IN THE NURSERY AND THERE ARE ALL THE STRESS of change that every one talks about that i have to pay for.I intend to do this for about 5 more years so if any one is interested in a small chain in the South of England then ..... That is when i will make money as now I only pay my self £18k as i need to grow my little group.Hope this makes sense as it is early and I have not slept well
  11. What are the display boards made f in your seting and do you thik the bigger the better?
  12. Photos

    I am looking for photos of Nursery interiors with out much luck,any ideas?
  13. Photos

    Lovely-anyone know of other sites that I can nosey?
  14. Photos

    I know I found some topic photos on here-but i can't find them Help please
  15. I need to do a research project on a subject of my choice -connected with early years explain how I will do it and then do it! I will need to do surveys etc. I have thought about doing it on what does quality look like from the point of view of parents ,children and possibly staff.What do you think? Too broad should I just choose one? Any other doable ideas?
  16. Ba Research Project

    Thanks for that i will look up MOSIC and see what else I can find out -it will def. help if I decide to look at things from the childs point of view
  17. Ba Research Project

    Thanks for the input - sorry but I don't know what MOSAIc is. Help I am starting to stress
  18. New Day Nursery

    It used to be a Nursery but has been empty for several years. The building had the right planning permission - which is the hardest thing, and the reason why we bought it. The bank are keen to lend as much as I want as they know I will be paying back for many, many years!Let me know if i can give you any other advice.
  19. Pre-school And Baby Room Practioners Needed

    Silly as it sounds watch out asking for mature-I have always put that on ads as I believe it is not just an age thing but I have been told if I do so I run the risk of falling foul of the Age Discrimination Act Mama
  20. They're All Leaving

    Not quite all,but quite a few staff have left and are leaving in a very short space of time.3 resigned while I was on holiday! Various reasons-I can't compete with wages in schools,moving away, fancy a change etc. How do you tell parents without it sounding as if you a-rubbish payer b- all staff not happy c-will have a Nursery full of upset children? Ps on the other hand someone who left a couple of months ago, for extra money, has asked to come back so we can't be that bad!
  21. How Much Funding?

    How much do you get per session-we get £8.60
  22. They're All Leaving

    Thanks for the advice.i work in a full time day nursery and i think maybe i am more worried than I need to be and i might even turn it around when I inform parents of our price increase i might mention the fact that i need to increase wages in order to keep experienced staff! What do you think?