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    Hi, my interests include my work, family, meeting friends for meals, going out and having a laugh. I don't seem to have time for hobbies just enjoy what comes along!!!!<br />I'm 41 married with 3 children 19,13 & 10 and have been supervisor at the nursery linked to the local primary school for nearly 3 years. I finished my A1 assessors award in June and have NVQ level 3. Starting E123 & E124 in Feb 08 with OU.

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  1. Independent project!

    Hi, I am just going into my last year of my BA in early childhood studies.... It's IP time! I have decided to research into 2 year old funding looking at the advantages/disadvantages from a variety of perspectives. My question to you lovely people ..... If you were going to interview or send questionnaires out to parents, staff and other early years providers what questions would you ask? Mrsb x
  2. Emptying & filling ideas needed! The children enjoy emptying & filling activities and I'm looking for some inspiration for exciting and different ideas! What does everyone else do?
  3. Role of the SENCO

    We too have been told to write our own local offer! I have written a small paragraph about the nursery and what we offer, I have also written an 'question & answer' (about 12 questions) section . This seems to be similar to other settings in the area so presume it is fine.
  4. Role of the SENCO

    Ah many thanks for your replies....it's definitely giving me some info to ponder over. Keep the posts coming.....never too much information.
  5. Hi, Have any of you kind people in early years land have a written 'job description' for the role of the SENCO? This is a role that I feel could be carried out more effectively, so my starting point would be to have a written description to work from! Also, are any managers the SENCO?? Many thanks
  6. Staff rota

    That would be great .....thanks
  7. Staff rota

    At our last staff meeting it was decided to introduce a staff rota as this appeared to be a fair way for.... All staff to get a chance to work with each other Clear guidance as to who would be inside or outside Carrying out snack time Circle time at the end of the session etc Would anybody be able to share their rota so I have a starting point! Mrsb
  8. Hello, I'm in the opposite position to you at the moment! We are a nursery on school grounds (separate building) and managed by the governors and have a sub committee made up from governors. A new HT was appointed last year and she decided that the nursery didn't fall into her role and therefore didn't want to have that responsibility. This opened up a bigger can of worms and the governors are now reviewing there roles and responsibilities which could mean we will have to close or look at other options. I would suggest that if you join the school just ensure that all the governors involved understand right from the start what their roles and responsibilities are as far as your pre-school is concerned. Good luck
  9. Has anyone heard of or even changed to a 'community interest company'. This is one of the options available to us to continue running the nursery! We are a independent private run nursery opened as part of the extended schools facility with a grant from the Capital grant fund, at present we are managed by a sub committee made up of the governors from the school. A new HT started last year and made the decision that the nursery was not part of her job role, this in turn started questions being asked about the committee (governors) and this is where we are now!!! I have 2 options....stay as we are with a new set of governors on sub committee or go as a community interest company. Your thoughts and advice very much appreciated. Mrsb
  10. Thank you all for your replies....I have a lot to think about. I have spoken to my early years advisor and she is looking into different options for me!! It's a long story but basically we have always been managed by the governors of the school, new H/T has come in and decided she doesn't want the resp of a nursery & the gov at present are not supporting her properly let alone a nursery. It really doesn't make sense to me we are established, numbers are very good for September and most of our children go onto her school!!! Although they obviously have to apply like other children do. Mrsb
  11. Hello, hope everyone has had a lovely bank holiday. I haven't been on here for sometime so feel a little bit cheeky for asking for advice! Basically at the moment the nursery is managed by a committee of members made up from the governing body of the local school, we have a purpose build unit on school grounds. I was told on Friday that the governing body no longer wish to be responsible/manage the nursery and unless I take it on independtly it closes and there is no more nursery to open in September!! I am willing to give it a go but would like to hear from you people on how you run your settings.....e.g do you have a committee, who is your committee made up of, who deals with the financial side of things like paying wages etc...there are probably a million other questions i will think of so if you also just have any advice to offer then that would be great. Many thanks mrsb
  12. peer observations

    Hello, can anyone tell me if they carry out peer observations in their settings, and if you do do you find them helpful? Do you use a set format for recording the observation and discuss with all staff or just the observed staff member? mrsb
  13. sorry ladies I seem to have mislead you with this.....the rolling programme is a system where each week the key person has a focus child. We have used this kind of system for the last two terms but just wondered if anyone else was familiar with this. our first 6weeks has been collecting evidence from post it observations, photographs, work and information from parents...this evidence will help put their next steps together and then the rolling programme will be used as each week a child will be focused on (but obviously still observing other children for those WOW moments).....hope this makes sense lol!!!
  14. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has an effective system in place for this? and if so would you be willing to share how you do it? mrsb
  15. Does anyone have a policy in place with regards social networking......for staff and parents. We had a staff meeting today, reviewing policies etc and when discussing mobile phone and camera use thetopic of social networking was bought up.