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  1. Ourselves Topic

    We have done elmer and funnybones. We have done the I can poem and lots of action/body songs! We have used information books related to the body and senses. We have also used nina and the neurons from cbeebies for the senses topic. We have also done gotcha smile and other books to teach feelings.
  2. Ourselves (pre-school Children)

    We have just done we are all unique we have... We have done a lot of activities related to Elmer We looked at similarities and differences between us and things we have identical twins and we did our favourite things to show that even if we look similar we feel different things We drew portraits of our friends We did finger prints
  3. We record children's WOW momments in their learning journeys and other evidence goes in their 'special books' we just make it clear where we have got eveidence from. We also get evidence from the parents. We've just gone through our moderation and you don't need to worry. As long as you know your children and can explain why you have given children goals and not given them other goals you will be fine.
  4. Great ideas tinkerbell. Couldn't think of much more! the children could create different pictures using different media to show what they think the seeds may grow into it would be good to use different types of magic seeds so when they grow they are all different and then they could compare plants etc. They could imagine their own worlds that they could find up the beanstalk and make up their own stories and characters? Anyway hope everything goes well try and enjoy it!!
  5. For our end of year reports we have a front cover with the school badge childs name etc and the child's photo on the front. Then on the next page we have what the child has achieved and their next steps then we have a personal comments page which includes a comment from the head. We also send home their learning journeys and a cd with all of their photos from the year. The parents are always very positive.
  6. I'm a reception class teacher with a class of 30. We are also part of the CLLD programme. We have 3 groups all working at different phases. We have 3 activities rotating so they do basic skills/ independent activity/ phonics (with me) 15 mins for each group. This has worked for our school and all children have progressed really well. We do a seperate phonics (catch up) session for a new girl that has joined us at a lower phase to the other children. Amy