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  1. Not Sure What To Say!

    That says it all really doesn't it. Here's hoping everything settles down quickly for you now and you can concentrate on all your lovely christmas festivities. Chalk this up to experience and a 'near miss!'.
  2. 'no Cuddles' Myth

    I feel strongly that in not meeting a child's deep emotional need is neglect - no other word for it!
  3. Laminated face cards with missing mouths etc for children to use at the playdough table - eg make a happy face, sad face etc.
  4. Some lovely images in the SEAD or SEAL packs......
  5. Anyone Doing Ptlls

    Goodness! Long time, no FSF. I just dropped in for a sneaky peak and thought I'd say I did this course 18 months ago and really enjoyed it! Once my life has calmed down again (whenever that may be....) I'm hoping that I can use this to work with parents, run parenting workshops etc..... who knows, but the course definitely gave me the skills and the confidence to have a go!
  6. Interview Questions Help Please

    I've always found the Devon County Council site helpful! Here's a pdf copy staffingmatterspdf.pdf
  7. Utterly Lovely Deputy Manager Required!

    That makes 3 of us - just too far away
  8. This is ours for what it's worth! It originated from FSF so a big thank you to whoever posted it originally some 5 years ago!! As someone mentioned above you should have corresponding risk assessments in place for the main items as these two documents aren't suffice on their own. daily_risk_assessment_checklist.doc blank_daily_safety_audit_sheet_update.doc
  9. Well I've turned out my beautiful basket of very exotic shells, all shapes and sizes. There's a big piece of shimmery material too and I usually put them in the tuff spot for the children to explore.... Also, have you seen this australian website? http://www.playbasedlearning.com.au/ They've got an idea on their site for making permanent sandcastles using cornflour and something called 'alum' which I think I can possibly get in Sainsbury's. Anyone else bought it before? I really love that website! It quite makes me wish I wasn't leaving on the last day of term. Where am I going to try out all their fab ideas????
  10. Suitable Persons Interview!

    Bubbles00, glad to hear it all went well! Could you let us know what questions you were asked.... was it as everyone had suggested in the above posts?
  11. Castle Songs

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Music-Express-Foun...9826&sr=1-1 is the link for this book, "Music Express Foundation Stage: Activities, Learning Intentions, Recordings, Videoclips (Music Express)" It's got "In the hairy scary castle" on it which our children completely love! I think the tune is like the bit of the peter rabbit song that goes "powder puff & curly whiskers" and the words are In the hairy scary castle In the hairy scary castle In the hairy scary castle where the chains go rattle and the ghosts go BOO! It works well sitting or creeping around the room with plastic garden chain or shower curtain hooks looped together, which we shake and rattle. Great fun! The whole book is great too.
  12. It's as Sunnyday says plus your computer doesn't get slower and s l o w e r a n d s l o w e r with all the photos stored on there in word documents! Oh, just thought of another important factor: it doesn't then fall to you to spend hours printing them all off cos you're the one registered with data protection etc.... other members of staff can do it in the setting!
  13. Team Work

    SmileyPR I'd be interested to see Steve's presentation................ Cooeeee! Steve, are you there???
  14. I had to giggle when I read your post.... it reminded me of how I got thrown out of 'A' Level Geography at 6th form and had no option but to do a Secretarial course to fill my timetable.... funny how things work out isn't it? I had great secretarial jobs over the years before starting in childcare after I had my children... where would I be without my typing skills?!?!?
  15. World Cup

    I'm loving the gingerbread men idea and also the paper footballers with photos of the children's heads but I've got a problem.... er, I don't know what the kit looks like...... sorry, not a football fan, shocking I know Could you help me out please???!!!