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  1. Assessment throughout the setting

    Thank you for your help. Best wishes ?
  2. Assessment throughout the setting

    Hi, Thank you. We have got Tapestry but we are very new to the tracking side of things. We have just created a baseline, based on our observations more or less using Tapestry and we have overridden some aspects. I can see that Tapestry can show you how many months progress children have made on average. At the moment it compares the baseline to our observations in Autumn 2, but if we complete the summative assessment for autumn 2 and override some of the assessments, will Tapestry show progress based upon baseline to summative assessment? Is there another aspect where Tapestry shows us the progress made. I will definitely have a look at using the gld at the end of the Reception year too but I want to show progress through the year. Thanks for your reply?
  3. Hi, I hope somebody can help. Our early years setting is part of a private school from 2 to 18 years. We are only Just beginning to show and track progress. In the nursery class and Reception class we have done a baseline assessment, well a best fit approach. We will then do summative assessments at the end of each term. For the whole school approach I have to show numerically and with percentages how much progress we are making and to set targets. My initial idea is to do something similar to GLD, 1-emerging 2-developing 3-secure. So for nursery for example, the majority are within 30-50, so a child that is developing in that area would get 2, I thought if they were in the age band before they would minus 1 point or 3 depending. The problem arises when they are in the age band before. It also wouldn't be cumulative year upon year. Can anyone suggest any ideas or what they do. Thank you!