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  1. Hi I'm looking for some new ideas to try to support my year 1 children who know the sounds made by each of the digraphs when just shown the digraph, but still sound out the individual letters rather than instantly 'seeing' the digraph when they come across them in words. Any strategies would be much appreciated.
  2. Year 1 Ict

    'phonics play' TES iboard Oxford Owl - ebooks
  3. In our reception class the children all self-register by putting their name on the sunshine each day, good behaviour/effort etc can mean they will be moved up to the rainbow, behaviour warranting a warning might result in them being moved down the raindrops, if they end up on the grey cloud that means time-out. I too have struggled with the 'publicness' of displaying children's names in this way, but I also think children do need a visual cue to link to the consequences of their behaviour - we try to give them visual cues for everything else.
  4. http://www.preschooleducation.com/stransition.shtml songs for all sorts of transition times on this site.
  5. Hi I work in year 1 and a big part of our focus in reading is recognising the tricky words and also recognising the digraphs they have learnt when they are within a word e.g. many know 'ai' on a flash card but still sound it out as 'a-i'. So if you're planning to share a book I would pick a big book so you can do some shared reading. Other things to consider might be a tricky word or phonics game. Other current focuses include reading dialogue with expression, and spotting types of text e.g. capitals, bold that create emphasis. Hope this helps.
  6. 100 Party

    I set my year 1 children this challenge for homework and they brought in a wide variety of sets of 100 things - mini pom poms, peanuts, cotton buds, pennies, sweets... They absolutely loved choosing a set to count/check each group-time and we practised counting them in 1s and 10s. We made monster picture cards with 10 on each card and sang '100 naughty monsters jumping on the bed, 10 fell off and bumped their heads...' also '10 little monsters went out one day upon a spiders web to play, they had such tremendous fun that they called for 10 more little monsters to come...'
  7. Letter Bags

    We needed to gather a set of letter bags quite quickly and cheaply last year so I used gift bags and used sticky back to attach the letter to the front, then put a mixture of pictures and small objects inside.
  8. We sing... Open shut them, open, shut them give a little snap, snap. Open shut them, open, shut them snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap. (just opening first two fingers and thumb - like a snappy crocodile - I then remind children to use their snappy crocodiles when holding a pencil). Open shut them, open, shut them give a little clap, clap. Open shut them, open, shut them put them in your lap.
  9. Talking And Thinking Books

    Have read a little about talking and thinking books - so this sounds interesting. Would love to know more about how you are getting on.
  10. That's pretty similar to the targets I have been set - although some children with 4/5 pts have also been set 1A, and only children with 4 or below have been set 1B. Ours are aspirational targets as we have to make big push to raise standards.
  11. My local pound shop has tool belts which we use at school - for ourselves and as writing bags for the children. We also wear those stretchy key fobs with our behaviour cue cards on and a colleague of mine started of the idea of hole-punching some post-it notes and adding these to the fob - another great way of always having them handy.
  12. Your 'average' Day

    Hi I am also new to year 1 this year - there has been some discussion about Y1 timetables here. it might help.
  13. New To Year 1

    Hi I too will be new to Year 1 in September - I am moving up with my class. I have attached the timetable I have organised (although I have yet to see how it will work in practise!) It is based on the timetable I was given by the previous year 1 teacher, with some tweaks to try to open up extended periods where possible for child-initiated and challenge activities. Having assembly and break-time mid-morning will be the hardest things to get used to as they limit the way I can organise the morning time-table but I have tried to build upon routines we have tried during their time in Reception when we attended the mid-morning assembly once a week. I have set up continuous provision that looks very similar to anything you'd see in a reception class - art/malleable area, role-play, construction, small-world, book corner, reflection area, writing table, maths area, and will be developing an outdoor area. Y1_timetable.doc
  14. The Very Hungry Caterpillar - we have used this very successfully this term and have created our own version - 'The Very Hungry Tadpole'. Definitely 'Brown Bear', 'Bear Hunt' and 'Mrs Wishy Washy'. We also did the Nativity story.
  15. We are a school nursery and reception class and moved into a brand new foundation stage unit a year ago (with large budget to spend). Definitely echo thoughts on CP furniture - part of the wow impact of our new setting is due to the beauty of this furniture. Only thing I didn't see in their catalogue is a small world play table (we had an old battered one and its one thing I miss) so if they don't have one its something I would look for from elsewhere. We replaced lots of our resources with brand new - we just had fun with the catalogues but as time has gone on we now find ourselves trying to acquire some of the more open-ended / less pristine resources for outdoor use etc (this is partly because we were directed to make sure all resources were 'fitting' of the new build - but is worth a mention as a word of caution). Have fun spending!