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  1. basic online safeguarding course??

    We've used these in the past and they were ok - not the same as getting the face to face local area one but as a stop gap they were fine. I can't remember the cost though, they are very friendly and helpful when you speak to them. http://www.safecic.co.uk/component/content/article/41-online-training/safeguarding-courses/97-lcp
  2. The DfE have updated the EYFS qualification list today and have updated the pre-September 2014 spreadsheet with information about joint degrees and joint honours degrees. Hopefully you will find it helpful. EYFS staff:child ratios - DfE approved qualifications. Lists of qualifications that meet the DfE criteria for counting in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework staff:child ratios.
  3. We have some invitations that we can share with FSF members if anyone would like to attend the APPG and listen to the speakers. The agenda is below: "Joanne McCartney AM, Deputy Mayor for Education and Childcare, who will discuss the steps the London Assembly to address workforce issues, including the Early Years Hubs scheme. Michelle Dyson, Director for Early Years and Childcare at the Department for Education, who will provide an update from the Department. Jamie Leith, co-founder of Manny & Me, who will discuss diversification and encourage more men into the early years workforce." If you would like to ask about coming to the meeting please send me an email rebecca@eyfs.info
  4. This is an interesting 'take' on the report. Bold Beginnings: how NOT to write an Ofsted report
  5. basic online safeguarding course??

    Do they have any free safeguarding courses? I couldn't see any. They seem to be priced around £25 which is the same sort of price as NDNA and Educare etc. Have you used their training Broadoaks, I can see they are in your neck of the woods?
  6. basic online safeguarding course??

    Are you a member of Pre-School learning alliance? They have a free safeguarding course as part of the member pack. Even if you are not a member, the explanation on the page I've linked to is excellent. It might be enough for you member of staff to follow the links through and read the page content - it's very comprehensive!
  7. basic online safeguarding course??

    mmm ... I'll have a think. We must be able to come up with something!
  8. basic online safeguarding course??

    I think most local authorities have a basic online version in a kind of 'an introduction to' sense. It's harder to do the more in depth ones with national companies as the Statutory Framework requirement is that training should be in line with the indidividual local authority procedures.
  9. Mmm, I agree with you I would be cautious. I'll ask some of our tech people if they have a view. Definitely need DBS anyway! I'll be back
  10. Hudle Holgers

    Hello RaceFace03! I've moved this thread into the Tapestry users conversation area - you might get more advice here! I know that from my own experience, having only one tablet between approximately 2 ratio groups works well for us.(so, we if we have 12 babies = 2 tablets, 12 toddlers = 2 tablets, 16 pre-school = 2 tablets). When we have supervisions about key children we can see quickly who has not been making obs (because they haven't used the tablet) and this can be raised as part of their professional development. Similarly, someone who has the tablet all the time, is generally not making useful and meaningful observations - we say they need to be significant and notable to merit an observation. We find that linking to our expectations of a key person we don't have a problem.
  11. Yoga in the early years

    Arrive from 5.30pm to network with other early years colleagues over a cake and a cuppa. You can view Early Education publications and resources and we’ll be raffling some of these, as well as a copy of My Daddy’s a Pretzel! by Baron Baptiste. Date: Thursday, 1 March, 2018 Time: 6.30 -7.30pm Location: York Venue: Copmanthorpe Primary School, Low Green, Copmanthorpe, York YO23 3SB Speaker/s: Rachel Rose Cost: Free to members and students affiliated to EE; non-members £5 - including a raffle ticket. Please send payment to the address listed on the flyer in Downloads below, cheques made payable to: York and District Branch Early Education Branch events are open to everyone working with or bringing up young children. For details of Early Education and membership go to: https://www.early-education.org.uk/membership Speaker Bios: Rachel Rose is a qualified Yoga Teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga and has over 12 years’ experience. She has recently completed a course on teaching yoga for special people which includes children and adults with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. For futher details please follow this link
  12. Free Date: Wednesday, 7 March, 2018 Time: 6.45 – 7.30 Nursery Visit; 7.30 – 9.00 Talk Location: Edinburgh Venue: Mayfield Nursery School, Stone Avenue, Mayfield, Dalkeith, EH22 5PB Speaker/s: Fiona Horbatowska and Lynne Cram Cost: TBC Event type: Evening event
  13. Supervision

    Hello! Welcome to the forum ... we look forward to hearing more from you In our resources library there are some things that other members have uploaded, are these any use to you? If you use them and amend any can you post a copy here or upload it to the resources page yourself so that others can share too! This recent forum conversation might be of interest to you: Appraisals
  14. In The Guardian today there is an open letter signed by over 1700 concerned individuals including well known sector names such as Anna Ephgrave, Neil Leitch, June O'Sullivan and David Whitebread. Together they are expressing their concerns "over the possibility of the government introducing developmentally inappropriate practice into reception classes in England." They explain that they "are alarmed by the recommendations made by Ofsted’s ‘Bold Beginnings’ report and have been moved to write this letter calling for the report to be withdrawn." You can read the letter in full here The Guardian has followed the letter with a piece by their Education correspondent which you can read here: Ofsted's call for more teaching in reception year prompts backlash
  15. s a t p i n

    Would you like one? I can do that .... vote here