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  1. Early Years Consultants

    Hi I'd say it depends on where you are on your journey. I am leading foundation stage practitioner for my LA and I support other settings to develop practice. This can include visits to my setting, intensive work alongside setttings to develop a certain area, conferences, workshops - practitioners find it really useful to be able to seek advice from us as we are 'doing the job everyday'. Sharing good practice is invaluable and allows you to evaluaute and refelct on what you do. Whilst I have been an LFSP my biggest learning has come from explaining to others what I do and why, having to justify your practice embed's it fully. So I would ask around in your area and see if your advisers have settings they can recommend you can visit. But I am also really privilaged to have worked with Alistair (I was part of a project within my LA) and I can honestly say working alongside him as changed my practice and thinking beyond recognition. I was aready an Outstanding setting, but over the last year Alistair has made me reflect and think (really think) about what I do like never before. He has had a considerable impact on me and my setting - as a consultant he brought in a different way of thinking in and would question me harder and deeper . I know my LA are thrilled with the impact he has made - it worked for me because he's different and will be honest. I needed someone like that to influence me and give me that extra boost - he has a drive and passion for the job and inspired me. I would recommend his blog and conferences to anyone. (running late for work - must go as I'm about to video my set up. But if you want more details on what Alistair did and how let me know) It will depend on what you need - good luck X
  2. So glad you are all loving 'Vacant to Engaged' - I :1b every time it is mentioned on here. My setting is featured in the book and still can't believe it. Alistair is fab to work with and never fails to inspire me everytime we meet.
  3. Hello Narnia Just to reassure you you are not alone and we are heavily looking at our policy too. This week the finally straw was:- 1 packet of crisp, 2 double deckers and 1 family size packet of chocolate eclairs! X
  4. We might need to ask Alistair nicely for some more information. I did see a demo at a conference recently and it looked fab. He just selected music off his Ipod and broke into 'dough gym'. The trouble is he has far more rhythm me and can dance - neither skills I possess. I'm really vey very lucky and working with Alistair at the moment (i'm one of the blair witch project settings - if you follow his blog) and due to meet with him at the end of November again. But if we ask nicely and tell him we are talking about him on here he may give us some hints and tips.
  5. That sounds like the ideas Alistair Bryce-Clegg uses. It might be worth checking out his website for more information or even attending one of his conferences for a demo - they are worth watching. www.abcdoes.com
  6. Me too - no staff (either stranded - buses not running and cars iced in or schools shut and they have children. Bless him hubby just tried to move my car and it slid down the hill on the ice. With the hand break on. He's put all the snow back under the wheels) I have taken my own children to school one of the days and the parents reaction was amazing. They were furious they were open!!! We too had to collect them at 1.00pm . Starting again on Monday all nice and bright and freezing
  7. Outside Today?

    Yipeee we have snow. Us southerners are very whimpy and it will cause complete chaos - but who cares!!!! Schools are already being closed, roads closed. It's just fantastic to actually get some - my children are so excited and building proper snow balls for the first time ever....
  8. Foundation Degree

    Drowning - currently have research project on go, 1 written assignment not written and started new module today. On the good side - whole family has underwear to wear this week - as I've done the ironing oh and hubby brought a new iron yesterday, he obviously feels he might have to use it. Anyone have good tips on staying awake longer - I'm on cola and chocolate.... (this is my worse spell of the year - but christmas will be in february at this rate)
  9. Hello I am currently trying to put my research proposal together and I'm stuck. My project is on risks in the outdoor classroom - I can find loads of infor on the need to take risks. But struggling to start a counter argument - who wants kids wrapped in cotton wool (besides mums - and today I'm included in that total as a year today my youngest tried ripping his ear off on a slide. he's banned from slides today - tomorrows fine. But not today. can't bear another halloween in a & e.) Thanks You
  10. Just a very quick hug from me to - you can do it. As a supervisor too - I know it's not easy and yes we are awful at putting ourselves first. But it will be worth it. It does get easier and the work load will just blend into your other supervisor piles. Hugs and kisses X X X
  11. Does your SIP - hold QTS status? Only ask, because I've always wanted to be EYAT - and already support them through my LFSP status. But don't want to do PGCE as love early years and feel I would be a fraud.
  12. Just to clarify although my setting has a Southampton address - we are actually under Hampshire LEA. My area is a bit of a mess, I am Hampshire - yet all my children will go to Southampton schools . I will give all of you in southampton a wave - I can see you from my Kitchen. So don't panic I that's why I am different. I am actually going along with my EYAT to sit in on another settings SEJAR next week as support, so I will see if we have any plans to go ragging.
  13. Def sounds very like our annual SEJAR (self evaulation joint annual review) that we do with our Eyat or childrens link bod (pla lost the contract to supprt settings in Hampshire). I like our SEJAR - but that's probably because as it is a chance to evaluaute the progress we have made over a year.
  14. Is this only in your area? Our county do annual reviews with us and we self evaulate with our EYAT (I'm afraid if PLA then coming knocking - it will be a no-thanks. Don't want a third review). What's the point ? I am hugely reflective - but this is getting a tad silly. Does anyone know more.
  15. Headlice

    I want to know where the little devils hide over the 6 weeks holidays - even the most sleepy parent would have noticed a child with 6 weeks worth of infestation. The headlice would have been huge and the whole head wriggling. (oooh i'm scratching at the thought) I really must build headlice treatment of my own kids into FD study plan having done the full works twice already this term.