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  1. Hi In another life I was a potter I am also an early years teacher who has lots of interest and experience in creative work in the foundation stage and have taught courses to practitioners. i don't have a job for september. I could be your artist what are you thinking of? sally
  2. Hi anybody know of any foundation stage teaching jobs up to half an hour from Brighton for September. I Had a real shock yesterday, my head told me I would be working in year 3 and in september. As a committed Foundation stage teacher this is totally unacceptable and I am going to resign.
  3. Has anyone else been asked to write reports as well as complete the foundation stage profiles? This seems like a lot of extra work. Does anyone have any sites that will give report formats to download or report formats to tie in with the FSP information.
  4. Hi me again yes I do have a classroom assistant in the mornings and will have someone else in the afternoon after easter but we only have lunchtimes to discuss the FSP or other stuff. I was contacted today by my moderator who wants to visit me on the 9th May to see K&U and PSE assesments. I think I won't have it all done by then even though they are only looking at 3 children. I am also looking for help with report writing linked to the FSP statements.
  5. Reports

    Has anyone managed to find anything to help with report writing? I need to write them in addition to completeing Foundation Stage Profiles and would like to use the information collected but with parent friendly wording without too much work involved in rewriting the statements.
  6. end of year reports

    I thgought we could use them as reports but my head has said i have to write reports in addition to filling in Foundation stage profiles seems like an awful lot of extra work i hope the union will take it up soon before we all go under. there seems little point in the information anyway as it is so non specific and too much for year 1 teachers to take notice of.
  7. Foundation stage profiles

    Hi I am also concerned about the sheer number of observation needed to fill in the Foundation Stage Profiles I have been told by my head that i have to also write reports as the FSP language is not suitable for parents. What about the extra workload let alone no time to actually teach anything especially if you habe a challenging class who need lots of intervention to make sure they don't fight. Sally Stocker Reception class teacher
  8. I am trying to gather information on how people are trying to work as a team in the foundation stage, particularly in relation to adult to child ratios and time for planning and discussing observations with teaching assistants. I think these issues have a big bearing on the workload especially in relation to the Foundation stage profiles. If you would be willing to complete my questionnaire please e-mail me. Thank You Sally Stocker. Reception teacher in a 1 form entry primary school.
  9. Hi I am very concened about the foundation stage profiles How is there time to record observations of children as well as talk to children and teach them? Don't other people find they are constantly being needed by the children in their recption classes. Although I continually observe what is happening in my class there is no time to record it before the next interaction occurs.