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  1. group observation/ assessment sheets

    I agree - these are fab! ..and also...do you have any for MD and CLL? Many thanks! musicteacher Hi - sorry but I didn't do any for MD or CLL areas! Viki
  2. Hi, we all do the PIPS assessments at our school - for every year group - and I do think they are a good idea. Last year we looked at the R end of year PIPS scores and were very disappointed. High fliers had underachieved and lots of children had two minuses. So this year we really targeted focus groups for Lit/ Num sessions and also planned differently for more able/ less able children. We have really gone to town on personal learning for those groups... BUT... Just got the results back for this year's children and they are poor again. Too many high fliers have just achieved an 'average' on the value added and some children (low ability) have two minuses. So - when you compare our results to the LEA - they are above at the start of the year and below at the end - for Reading and Maths. The same as last year, even though we have really worked hard to target these two group (high/ low ability). Any thoughts would be appreciated, as now - rather than just a 'blip' in our whole school data - it is a 'trend'... Thanks Viki
  3. Version


    We use these with our R children to show how they progress through the SSs, ELGs and NC descriptors, then highlight/ date them to use for inputting onto the FSP. Hope they are of use everyone? Viki
  4. Version


    We use these with our R children to show how they progress through the SSs, ELGs and NC descriptors, then highlight/ date them to use for inputting onto the FSP. Hope they are of use everyone? Viki
  5. Does anyone here do the PIPS at the end of Year 1? If so - do you use any practice papers? Are there any available on the net? Or do you just adapt some old papers yourself? Thanks, Viki
  6. Version


    We use these with groups - write our main objective at the top each time. Hope they are of use to anyone? Viki
  7. Hello everyone! Just wondered if anyone could enlighten me. We are going to have a partitioning wall taken down over the summer to make one big reception classroom - which will be great! But I wondered how we can get new furniture and storage too - for September for our new intake. Can these things come out of part of the budget for 'buildings' or something, so I can ask the head whether it is possible or not? Just wondered. Thanks Viki (Here's to a new classroom....!!)
  8. Wow!! This is so helpful, thank you! I have saved it to my computer. It is exactly what I was looking for, thanks to both of you!!! I am actually looking forward to this now!
  9. Hello. I am doing the Induction evening at my school on 24th May and starting to panic already!! Please can you help me out with any ideas? I'm not sure how much detail I need to go into really, but thought maybe someone might have a list of things I need to talk about? Thanks, Also - any good 'ways to say difficult things'? e.g. about going to the toilet etc etc.. as I have not done this talk before! Thank you Viki
  10. Colouring Pictures

    Thanks for this, just had a quick look, they're great.
  11. This is exactly something we are looking at too. The children are told what they are doing/ objectives etc, and they also talk about what they have done well each session. Time allowing... But we haven't worked out how best to display the targets, and whether there is any benefit in doing so. The pictures sound good though!
  12. Hi all, I use the Jolly Phonics as a basis for my planning, but just wondered if you have any more creative ways of teaching phonics? I have rhymes, finger puppets, letter fans and we also make lots of cutting and pasting activities - but none of these are very exciting for the children. We have a class of 36 reception children altogether - 24 in one room and 12 in my room. My 12 are joined by 4 Y1s who need more practical experiences! I've only been teaching reception since January and as I have the smaller group of children who need much more repetition, I'm running out of ideas. Any thoughts? Thanks everyone, Viki
  13. Kat - great plans and ideas, very easy to follow. Thanks for sharing them, Viki
  14. Wipe On/off Dice

    We got ours from Nexus too, the trouble is you have to go through a REP. Not sure if they have a website or not. Viki
  15. Planning Again!

    Can anyone tell me more about the Norfolk planning site? Can we use this info even if we're in Lancashire? Silly question, but if it's useful then I could start from there instead... Thanks Viki