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  1. Taking Two Year Olds Out And About

    Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. I do agree wholeheartedly with them. The staff are keen to take the children out - it was they who asked me for help with this. I thought that some concrete evidence from somewhere else about how taking them out is managed might help the staff's cause. Mabel
  2. Staff working with 2 year olds at a Children's Centre I work with have been told they aren't allowed to take the 2 year olds out of the nursery garden (not even into the neighbouring school grounds let alone in the local community), yet the 3 and 4 year olds are allowed out. Does anyone have a policy on visits for two year olds, or a completed risk assessment, for example for a trip to the local greengrocers, that I could share with them to give them something to share with the powers that be to enable them to take the 2 year olds out? Thanks in anticipation Mabel
  3. There's now some new, new guidance about observation based assessment and how this links to the EYFS Profile for those of you beginning to think about the EYFS. Some of it is a rehash of what we've had before, but there are some useful statements to share with headteachers around not using very narrow commercial 'baseline assessment' schemes. I quite like it! I'm going to try and insert it, but bear with me as I've never done it before. creating_pic_0028307.pdf
  4. Laerning Journeys

    If printing off the photos is a real barrier to your setting, maybe you could set up a file on your computer for each child and store the photos in there - if you put them in a word document you can add your observation/assessment comments. Staff can access them on the computer, and at the end of the year, or more frequently if you wanted to, you could put them on a disk for the children to take home.
  5. I was under the impression that you needed to have a qualified teacher as a mentor, but after reading this post perhaps I'm wrong?
  6. Eyfs Launch Link

    I work for an LA, and when a colleague phoned on the 30th March to see where the copies we had ordered and had been promised in March had got to, she was told there was 'a delay', but there was no indication as to how long the delay would be! Why am I not surprised??!
  7. Thanks for your help, Susan and Marion, I'm feeling a bit clearer now.
  8. I've been involved in a discussion with colleagues about what book band level you would expect most children to have reached by the time they are at the end of their Reception Year. I'm not really sure, having not worked in Reception all that recently, and was wondering what anyone else thought? Thanks Mabel