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  1. Open Morning

    We do this every Friday morning for half an hour before a whole school celebration/ certificate assembly.We just set up the room for continuous provision and the children show the parents what they do! If we have something special coming up eg we had harvest and some parents couldn't make it....we might sing the song we have been learning.You could also have photos or a PowerPoint onthe iwb of typical what goes on in class. having simple cards with the information for parents as to what is going onin each area would be useful.eg we have challenge cards for the children 'can you and a friend make up a story with Sid and Spike ?' This was in the small world tray with two soft toy hedgehogs,pine cones,leaves,pebbles,twigs and a fox....How strong is the magnet? How many. Paper clips can't pick up? .......the parents get the idea of what to do with the children......and if they don't you and the TA will be there to help. have fun we have a great relationship with our parents and they are always impressed with their children's work.
  2. We use Tapestry too.I also send home a weekly newsletter that briefly outlines what the class have been doing so the parents can chat about the week with the children.It also includes any forward requests eg we are making a vegetable soup this week and I asked if parents could send in 1 vegetable.?...I have enough vegetables to feed the whole school!
  3. Sounds good Mary. Some sort of moderation would be good.Does your LEA have moderation meetings for nurseries and reception? Could you suggest it to them?
  4. Gifted Reader

    I had a couple of boys reading when they started Reception last year and they enjoyed all the picture books in class..To give them a book for reading at home I tried them on green /blue banana books.They are little books which have chapters and the content is suitable for young children.I would also let them choose a non fiction book from Oxford reading tree scheme.I gave the parents pointers in asking questions about the books because we needed to know they were understanding what they were reading .
  5. Hi Prowler chick We are in reception and we don't go out with the rest of the School at playtime.We take a break when we feel like it or we are outside anyway so don't have a 'playtime' as such.We just get on with it ,one of us will go and make a coffee and we go to the loo when necessary.
  6. I would use the booklet in the first 2 weeks .I would use the booklet to give me a feel for where the children are in certain areas,it would support my initial assessments alongside lots of other activities in the classroomWhen the children work on a certain page eg recognising sounds I would chat with them about the sounds they knew ,eg is that sound in your name? Do you know a word beginning with that sound? Etc and using my judgement decide where they are in their developments.Last year I had some children who didn't recognise any letters and could not say the sounds they made and I had two little boys who could say all the sounds and some letter names I made a grid with children's names and letters and ticked off the ones they knew.This then helped me to plan activities for individual children and daily phonics sessions.It was also evidence for where the children started and if assessments are done each half term or term ,progress can be charted.
  7. Hi and welcome. I don't think there are any statutory requirements for assessing children on entry to Reception at the moment.There are assessment requirements at the end of Reception which must be submitted to your LEA.Your LEA will probably have moderation meetings which will be good for you returning to Reception.You may have local school cluster meetings too.If you are the only Reception teacher in school it will be good to network with others. This forum has been invaluable to me over the years and there are some really clued up people who will help you. There is a recent discussion on Reception assessment to get that baseline information which we all need to show where the children started and where you have taken them.Look on the green tab and forum then Reception Year1 discussions. Enjoy your reception class Tinkerbell
  8. We do more formal assessment .We have children from 7 different settings that join school in September with an assortment of assessments from their settings ,some children have even reached ELGs. I do look at the assessments and take them seriously but a confident child who has attended a setting from 6 months until ready for school may not be confident when they start big school! In my experience it is a big deal and they can be abit shaky and need lots of support....only natural. We have used the starting school baseline book from communication 4 all for many years now and if done in the first 2-3 weeks it gives a good basis for the first parents evening and a good overview of where the whole class is in terms of letter recognition,number recognition,confidence in speaking,talking about stories / rhymes,pencil work etc .....I know some people disapprove but the head teacher needs to know where the children start from and just observing their play wouldn't show all these elements. We also ask the children to bring in a treasure box (shoe box covered) full of their favourite things to share with us ....they will be collecting over the holiday...also a photo of their family to talk about.This always proves to be a success and talking about their things gives them confidence and pride.....we are able to build on their favourite things and plan activities and learning around them. As a cluster group in my LEA we have all decided to use the baseline booklet and the treasure box....at our first meeting we will discuss our findings....moderate! Tinkerbell
  9. I work like this at the moment. Our broad theme this half term is mini beasts and we have had a butterfly,ladybird and bee week so far.The children come up with ideas for the week ,as yours have done, I write their ideas down on a roll of wallpaper and then stick it up on the wall to tick as the week goes by.If you do it Friday with them you can get your resources together for the week over the weekend eg black and red playdough for the lady birds and nett curtains to make butterfly wings! Literacy I collect fiction and nonfiction books on the theme and have baskets of books for the children to read out all the time.I would also share one of these books before lunch.Because I am looking to 'hit' the non fiction strand and looking for similarities and differences in 'knowledge of the world' mini beasts has been good and the children are really interested At this time of the year too the phonics can come through looking for b ee. Words ,making a mini beast alphabet ,sounding out the many names and writing a sentence or caption for their model or picture..... I also find a poem or a simple song each week for the children to learn about the. Mini beast. planning I tend to jot it down on a weekly timetable as I go along . School is so busy at the moment we are suddenly doing tennis and cricket sessions! The children are building a water course outside ,lots of problem solving .....I may link it to spiders and flushing them out of a drainpipe!!!! Incey wincey Oh the joys of being a reception teacher it really is the best job inthe world! Tinkerbell
  10. Ofsted today

    Great news for you.wel done to you and all your staff.
  11. Non fiction

    I will,find the title and publisher of a couple of good non fiction books I use every year in my class.They have contents page,index etc
  12. Combining materials -EAD

    Junk modelling is a great medium for this .Often on a Friday morning we have a junk table,parents send in their recycled waste for this,we provide masking tape,,Sellotape.staplers,PGA glue scissors and the children set to work ,they make fantastic models and explain how what and why eg a little boy made a solar panel ! He had attached a clear food tray to a long piece of tape and had pvad plastic milk bottle top s as buttons to turn it on and off,tin foil plays a part ...it is really lovely to see the children using the skills they have learnt eg measuring around a container with ribbon before cutting it to fit,using the right glue eg not print stick to stick fabric and plastic. it is a real problem solving activity as the children have to work out how to attach different materials to get their desired effect
  13. Hi I agree with nina beans that many heads don not have early years experience and so do need to get their heads around it.My new head three years ago went on a couple of courses with me and fortnightly works in my reception class for a morning so she has really got her head around it. Planning I don.t do much planning at all.I have a weekly A3 plan on my classroom wall which I fill in as the week progresses?We are At the stage of the year where I suggested a week off butterfly work what should we do ? I get a roll of wallpaper and write down all the childrens ideas and we tick them off as the week goes by.It is through setting up the area s in the classroom and writing the challenge cards that I home in to the eyfs statements and then the questioning of individual children as we work with them . I do listen to individual readers and do assessments on phonics and group certain children for group reading or phonic games. get your head to spend a morning with you he will see how you cannot possibly write it all down as things change and you move with it. I have the EYFS laminated on 2 A4 pieces of paper to cover the 30-50months and the 40-60 months a L the statements for each stage back to back.I refer to these and discuss with my TA what focus we need for activities etc Good luck Tinkerbell
  14. I have two children exceeding in speaking.They are the two who ask questions all the time and initiate conversations.They think before they speak and both have enquiring minds.I wrapped one up today in some cloth winding it round and round his body like a cocoon (we are doing the very hungry caterpillar) He said Is this what the caterpillar felt like? He would have felt all tight and squashed.....They are the two who notice any changes in the classroom and ask what or why .They draw on past experiences and make suggestions all the time.They enjoy speaking to an audience and will talk to the school in assemblies about what the class has been doing without being shy or fazed. If exceed is like the old number 9 then I would think 10% of the class would or could be getting exceed? If we are still thinking 10% of school is 'gifted and talented'. Every class is different so you may not have any I only had one last year. Tinkerbell