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  1. To the tune "The Adams Family" (if you remember it!): Days of the week (clap, clap) Days of the week (clap, clap) Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week (clap, clap) There's Sunday and there's Monday, There's Tuesday and there's Wednesday, There's Thursday and there's Friday And then there's Saturday Days of the week (clap, clap) Days of the week (clap, clap) Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week (clap, clap)
  2. Wow that was a quick response!! Okay I'll remind you in a week or so!! I did do all the health and safety stuff in my last job (in fact I did EVERYTHING!!! - but that's another story!!!) but have been out of it for a year so the old brain needs a bit of a rattle to get working in that area again!
  3. Thanks so much for that. Exactly what I was after. If you have anything else to add, I'd be grateful. There's no rush - it's for September - but I'm just getting myself sorted out ahead of time!!! Thanks again!
  4. Does anyone have a list of the responsibilities of a pre-school health and safety officer or maybe a job description? Obviously, risk assessments and health and safety policies but what else, please?? Any response greatly appreciated!!
  5. Is This A Scam Or For Real?

    Sorry but I have no idea how to link to this discussion!!! I started it on September 10 after reading July issue of Nursery World regarding copyright law. It is under Practice and Provision/Curriculum General Issues. "Have just got around to looking through this summer's Nursery World magazines and found an interesting article from the July 22 issue. Did you know that ........ Nurseries and playgroups showing children films on DVDs or videos must obtain a licence or permission from the copyright owner or else they will be in breach of the copyright law. This is because videos and DVDs are intended for home use only and it is therefore illegal for a nursery, etc. to show them without an umbrella licence provided by the Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC). A licence costs £2 per child per year. Penalties for not paying this include a £5000 fine or six months in jail!!!! The article suggests contacting MPLC on 01323 649 647 or www.mplcuk.com Interesting, eh?!?!? Seems a bit harsh as nurseries and pre-schools would surely not be charging the children to watch the videos or DVDs. Worth looking into though, if any of you do show videos/DVDs from time to time."
  6. Thanks for your replies, ladies. Nikki, I am also in Surrey and used Surrey Child Profiles for several years. I have moved to another setting which comes under the London Borough of Sutton. They are using checklists for assessments with columns headed "Rarely", "Sometimes" and "Usually" (rather like what we all used prior to the Curriculum for the Foundation Stage days). Even the areas of learning aren't current. I had assumed everyone was using the Stepping Stones (or a system based on them). I never thought I'd see the day when I actually missed the Surrey Child Profiles - but guess what .......... I do!!! Oh well, I shall carry on doing it their way. Don't want to rock the boat!! Thanks again for your replies.
  7. Yes, Linda, that's exactly what I mean! I've had something in my eye all day and it's affecting my brain!!!! Many thanks!
  8. Do all of you in pre-schools use the stepping stones from the Nat'l Curriculum for your planning and assessments? Or do you use some other "checklists"? This may seem like a strange question ..... but I have my reasons! I would be very interested to hear your comments.
  9. Is A Computer Male Or Female.

    Mimi and Sue: Wonderful stuff!!! Thanks.
  10. Crisps!

    Watch out for grapes! Sounds funny but grapes can be VERY dangerous for a child if swallowed whole. If you offer grapes at snack time or children have them in lunch boxes - please cut them in half.
  11. Sorry - a bit late with this one! How about Piet Mondrian? He did several "Composition in Black, Red, etc." which consist mainly of different coloured squares. Not necessarily for painting but might be good for collage or drawing with a ruler or around squares/rectangles. Might be a bit different.
  12. Thanksgiving

    Last year we made a poster of a turkey! Bit hard to explain but it was facing forwards (as opposed to sideways!!), had a brown body, big eyes, orange feet and it's tail was made up of red, yellow, orange and brown handprints. It was very effective. The children enjoyed making the turkey but we didn't go into detail about WHY we made a turkey other than to say that Americans like turkey. We talked briefly about America, Native Americans, the Pilgrims, Christopher Columbus, etc. We had a child whose mother was American so she was pleased we had mentioned it. (We also did Australia Day in January and Canada Day in July - again we had Australian and Canadian parents.)
  13. Teaching Rhyme

    Thanks for that Liza! I can't remember where I got it from. I've always sort of chanted it - didn't know it had a tune!!! Now I can sing it!!
  14. Teaching Rhyme

    A favourite of mine which is very simple and the children love it is "Willaby Wallaby ...." e.g. Willaby Wallaby Wiz ..... an elephant sat on .....? Then wait for the children to say .... Liz or Willaby Wallaby Weve ..... an elephant sat on ......??????
  15. I have always been under the impression that Ofsted treated pre-schools, state nurseries, private nurseries in exactly the same way when inspecting regardless of whether they are in village/church halls, converted houses, purpose-built buildings, school grounds, etc. I have sometimes felt that in some ways this is unfair when it comes to resources, displays, facilities, computers, outdoor play areas, etc. It sounds like Leo's inspector was possibly giving a personal opinion rather than a professional one.