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  1. Quite lengthy but some good points!
  2. socket covers

    I haven't used them for several years, it's worth looking at the fatally flawed website
  3. I don't think I can repeat my thoughts! This is much better https://suecowley.wordpress.com/2014/10/22/ask-sam/
  4. dissertation topic

    Welcome from me too. I am currently also starting to plan my major independent study and am going to research heuristic play opportunities in early years settings. I think heuristic play in early years settings, which I was thinking about, could be misinterpreted because many think it is more about practitioners sitting back in silence. That's not what I want the focus to be, suppose I'm looking at an approach more like Reggio, offering natural resources for open ended play. Not adult led, child directed but adult support to extend if necessary. I offer this type of play daily and am constantly adding to resources. It's proving to be difficult in finding any literature reviews about the provision of natural resources for open ended play. There's plenty of outdoor play articles but I was planning on researching the indoor environment. Very little is ever researched about home-based provision and as I was with a group of childminders who attended the training at the Totempole with Mary Barlow, I know how inspired everyone was. Early stages but I will do some sort of questionnaire and may compare early years settings. I think exploring the providers who routinely offer open ended resources for children's play as opposed to an over reliance on manufactured plastic toys has potential but need to focus!
  5. This is certainly a difficult issue. A few years ago a child in my care also did this but only at home and generally first thing in the morning, in the cot. I suggested buying those zip at the rear suits and that certainly stopped the child getting access to the nappy.
  6. Nappy charts and sleep charts

    I'm slightly confused as this is in the childminder section, so not sure if OP is a childminder. If so, I certainly don't keep charts and don't know any other childminders that do amongst those I have regular contact with. It's generally in a daily diary where this would be noted.
  7. Thanks for the link, I'm certainly tempted and may sign up
  8. New petitions

    Please sign and share http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/department-for-education-stop-the-implementation-of-more-great-childcare
  9. http://www.cypnow.co.uk/cyp/news/1077411/breaking-news-government-scraps-plans-change-ratios
  10. Exemplar Sefs

    Thank you, very helpful and well done you have put a lot of time and effort into that
  11. Areas for under twos? continious provision?

    I'm a childminder and all activities and experiences are provided for all children despite caring for different ages. I don't have zoned areas but appreciate nursery provision is very different.
  12. Today between 11.30 and 12.15 Ofsted, ncma and daycare Trust. I will be on a nursery run!! http://m.parliamentlive.tv/MeetingStatus
  13. This site has been set up this week as a result of concerns about agencies, please share this information with others http://independentchildminders.activeboard.com/
  14. Here are some links if you haven't already seen them http://togetherforquality.com/ http://pennysplacechildminding.com/ http://www.ukchildminding.info/
  15. News from PSLA

    A new membership package for childminders http://www.nurseryworld.co.uk/news/1159525/Pre-School-Learning-Alliance-open-its-doors-childminders/